Auction games reversed
Friday, December 28, 2007
I have been an online shopper for more than a year now, and one of my favorite sites to buy stuff from are auction sites. At these sites, the norm is the highest bidder wins the item up for auction.

Recently, I found a site where the lowest unique bid wins free gifts. You can win from high-tech gadgets to grocery gift cards, even cash prizes. What's better is, whatever you win, you get it for free. It's like joining and winning in a sweepstakes where you win stuff at the cost of a lottery ticket or, in this case, regular SMS charges when playing through your mobile phone, or regular internet charges when playing online.

It's basically the opposite of the usual auction games that exist, where, to b the winner, you have to be the highest bidder and you pay your bid amount to get the item. Turn that around and you have Bid4Prizes.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007
Just a quick update and newsflash...

First, I'm still resizing our Christmas photos for web posting. The Frost family had a very simple Christmas Eve dinner with my parents but my brothers came on Christmas Day with their families.

Second, Mr. Frost's baby sister, Jewel, gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday morning! Welcome to the world, VALERA YZABEL (am not sure about spelling of the second name, but it's something like that). We're spending New Year's weekend with them, along with their eldest sister, Ate Jenny, who's coming to Manila tonight all the way from Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. Will definitely post pics of the new baby here.

Gotta go, will post more later.

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Weekend backtrack
Monday, December 24, 2007
Another exhausting yet fun weekend for me.

Saturday, Mr. Frost and I were supposed to go to the monthly meeting of breastfeeding support group La Leche League International - Philippines, but since Issen still has cough and colds, we decided to just stay with him instead. I'll attend the next one, Abbie, promise!

I finished wrapping the gifts and rested. I needed to get some sleep but I wasn't able to take a nap because Issen goes berserk whenever he sees me and I can't resist playing with him.

Sunday, Ate Jessa (Issen's nanny) took a day off so Issen has me all day. I was still sleepy when Ate Jessa has to leave at around mid-morning, but I had no choice but get up and attend to Issen, who, by that time, was all bathed up and ready for his morning nap. Alas, the kid didn't want to sleep even after watching his routinary Sesame Street video. Funny because my mom says he always falls asleep after one video. We already watched two, yet he's still up and about. Mr. Frost says he's making the most of our "bonding" time. I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, around lunchtime, when my energy picked up and I finally gave up trying to put him to sleep, he just picked up his feeding bottle, lied down on the bed, and closed his eyes. A few minutes later he was asleep. No videos, no ceremonies, no sign whatsoever of what he's gonna do, he just went right ahead and slept. He went from to in a snap of a finger. Not a hint of warning, even just a single .

He woke up about an hour later, while Mr. Frost and I were having late lunch with SkyClad and girlfriend Crystal. Then I spent the whole afternoon walking after him, making sure he doesn't put in his mouth whatever he picks up in the garage. Then I put him in his bike and we strolled around the neighborhood. I was tired, but I had no time to feel so because I was having too much fun with him. And I know he's having fun too. He had this contented smile on his face that we only see when we spend long quality time with him.

Here are some pics I took last weekend. More pics here.

This is called "gassing up" your bike. Hehehe.

From his upcoming movie, "Batang Gusgusin" (Dirty Kid)

A few more hours and it's Christmas already! Gift-opening time! Yeah!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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London, baby!
I've always been fascinated by anything English. Their accent, their technology, their creativity, their ingenuity, their actors, their sports celebrities, their performers. No matter what you may say, Sean Connery, David Beckham, and the Spice Girls will always have a special place in my heart. :)

Anyway, whenever I hear about friends working or spending vacation at the UK, I always daydream about my own trip there. I've just started familiarizing myself with the must-sees in their top cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

I heard that a trip to London is not complete without stepping on the grounds of the Westminster Abbey, where they crown kings and bury bards. They say the admission charge is kinda steep, but it's well-worth the visit anyway. And then there's Hampton Court, The Houses of Parliament, The River, and many others. And you don't have to worry about hotels in London because no matter how much your budget is, there is someplace for you, from one-star to five-star hotels.

I was told not to go back home, if ever I find myself in Manchester, without walking the Millyard, or visiting the Currier Museum, and the Amoskeag Falls. Also, there are lots to choose from hotels in Manchester for your stay in the city. You can stay in a place as simple and cheap as GBP 30.00 to a pricey but luxurious GBP 123.00.

A posh living room in Blue Rainbow Apartments in Manchester (left) and a fancy room in Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC in Birmingham.

In Birmingham, it's a must to go visit the Birmingham Cathedral Tyseley Locomotive Works Visitor Centre, Stratford Butterfly, and of course, the chocolate lover's heaven, the Cadbury World. Hotels in Birmingham cost around GBP 35.00 to GBP 130.00.

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Snag that job!
Sunday, December 23, 2007
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It's the kids' turn to party
Saturday, December 22, 2007
Our company held a Family Day-slash-Kids' Christmas Party yesterday, December 21.

The party started at 3pm, but we were late because we still had to go to the doctor to check up on Issen's cough. We missed the mascot's dance number and most of the kids' activities (that Issen can't join yet anyway), but there was still food and cotton candy (yey for Mommy! hehehe!).

Anyway, here are some pics taken with my new toy. Two things: One, I'm still trying to get the feel of the camera settings so some shots are crappy and not good enough for posting. And two, I wasn't able to take much pictures because I was busy eating. There's free cotton candy so give me a break!

All you see are grownups but I swear, there are more kids in that room!

With Pooh, Issen, and my cotton candy

Playing with a lost pink balloon by the standee of Daddy and Mommy's favorite game

Four more pictures here.

I promise I'll get better and get more pictures next time.

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Sure way to get "YES"
I'm not a big fan of jewelries because I consider myself too uncivilized for such luxuries. I don't want to be spending so much on some ring or bracelet, only to lose the precious stones just a few days later because of my crude lifestyle. :)

I appreciate, though, the value of diamonds. They are, as the cliche goes, a girl's best friend. Indeed, many women enjoy receiving diamonds as presents. Some even wish to get one of these precious stones attached to an engagement ring.

However, a lot of people don't know where to start in buying quality diamonds. Whatever your reason for getting these treasures, whether it's a gift to ensure forgiveness, a congratulatory gift, or maybe something to make sure she answers "yes", you can be assured that Danforth Diamond's collection are of top quality and are sure well worth every penny that it may cost you.

Their selection of engagement rings are so exquisite that you 99.9% sure to get a positive response when you pop the question. Let's leave the remaining 0.01% to chance, just for excitement's sake.

And of course, after that positive response, you'll be back to the store, hand in hand with your fiancée, to get your diamond-encrusted wedding rings.

And they lived happily ever after. I hope.



My way of saying DO NOT DISTURB
I can get distracted easily by noise. That's why when I'm rushing up on something at work, I put on my headphones to block out unnecessary noise around me. I actually have a sign at my desk saying "Putting on my headphones is my way of saying DO NOT DISTURB". Some people still don't get the message, though, and still poke me endlessly until I put down my headphones just so they can ask me some unimportant and petty things.

Anyway, a lot of people at work enjoy listening to their iPods while doing their stuff and they use earphones for that. Earphones don't work that much for me in blocking out outside noise, even when I'm listening to Megadeth or AC/DC. I'd like to try, though, the iPod headphones from Quiet Headphones. Aside from being designed with the iPod in mind, these earphones ensure that you hear your music from your iPod, and not the one from the guy in the next cubicle.

I'd like to have one of their noise reduction headphones. Imagine being able to minimize the tone of your officemate's annoying shrill voice. Or shut out the voice of your (or somebody else's) boss when he/she's yelling at someone and hear your favorite rock vocalist's melodic screams instead.

-10 to Distraction, +10 to Productivity. Quest completed! Hehehe!

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The Christmas Party
Thursday, December 20, 2007
We had our company Christmas party last December 18, 2007 at Bagaberde Grill and Bar at the CCP Complex, Pasay City.

The organizing committee implemented an 80's theme. I looked for something in my closet but the things I found didn't fit my pregnant belly anymore. So, I just borrowed my mom's black leggings, put on my long brown blouse, bought some accessories from Landmark, and the result is a walking sprinked chocolate excuse of a pregnant woman.

The pose here is so NOT me. Everybody's saying I look so kikay (girly) here.

I had a real great time at the party. Aside from the bands that performed (man, my officemates are soooo talented!), I most especially enjoyed the speech of one of our top executives, our Gameboss. As usual, the speech was very inspiring and motivating. No company function is complete without the Gameboss' very moving talk. Actually, it's like listening to a stand up comedian but wherever you are, whatever function or event is being held, he makes you wanna go back to the office and work your ass off and you actually feel good about it. That's how motivating his words are.

Anyway, his speech was immediately followed by the performance of band that is already part of our family, Kamikazee. And it was so weird that Baby Frost #2 was going crazy and moving all around inside my tummy while the band was playing. After their performance, I went in Bagaberde's "holding" room for bands and good thing Patrick (our company's official band "supplier" for events) was a good friend of mine that I was able to get a photo op with the band. Here I am sharing the band with Marjo and CJ.

They guys were a riot. Our conversation while I was in the room was really hilarious, but I can't share it with you, lest I take the risk of being banned for "not wholesome" content.

Part of it, though, was Patrick informing the band that I also had my picture taken with them back in September 2006 during one of our major events. I was pregnant then with Issen. A funny coincidence that I'm pregnant again now that our paths crossed again. You could just imagine the band's reactions, most especially Jay, the vocalist. None of them is wholesome.

Another funny thing was the guys took turns touching my tummy lightly, then Baby Frost #2 said hi to them by moving wildly. The guys were surprised and made various comments on what they think the baby is trying to say.

By the way, here's my picture with Jay and Jomal (the guitarist) back in 2006.

And that's Pam in her pre-Zhen Zhou era.

Anyway, another highlight of the party was the announcement of the Employee of the Year awardees. In the previous years, only one employee is given the award, across all departments. Each department has a nominee, though. And Mr. Frost has always been his department's nominee (Product Development in 2005 and Marketing in 2006). This year, they gave one award for each department, and I'm so proud to announce that Mr. Frost bagged the Employee of the Year Award for Marketing 2007. Yey! Way to go, Daddy!

I'll post the awarding pic as soon as I get it. I was taking pictures for our Marketing Director's camera that time because he had to go up on stage. Good thing too, or else Mr. Frost wouldn't have a pic of that proud moment.

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Another Christmas gift
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
As I mentioned in my previous post, Mr. Frost is getting me a digital camera "VERY VERY SOON!" And it was that soon, really, because he got me this baby just a few hours after that post.

It's a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S700. (Click on the link to read the features and see more photos.) I'm sooooo loving it! It's not that fancy and its simple features are perfect for my simple casual photography needs.

and I'm proud to say that we got it with a very nice deal. Originally, the unit alone costs around Php13,000 (a little over US$300), but because Sony has a Christmas promo, we got it for only Php10,000 (about US$240). And since we paid for it in cash (thank you, Christmas bonus! ), we were given coupons that allowed us to get 2GB memory stick and rechargeable batteries (worth over Php4000 or almost US$100) FOR FREE! Do the math and you'll agree with me when I say we got a really nice deal.

Anyway, I'm no gadget expert so I'm still feeling my way through the camera. I took a couple of shots of Sikei in his homecoming basket from Animaland, and here they are.

I did mention that I'm still trying to get the feel of my new toy, right?

You've got a very happy baby here, Mr. Frost. Thanks so much, Daddy!

I so love taking pictures of anything that I find interesting. We don't have a digicam yet (but Mr. Frost is getting me one VERY VERY SOON! Yey!), so we use Mr. Frost's camera phone most of the time. And that's why I lag behind sometimes in posting some blog-worthy events, because I wait to get the pictures from Mr. Frost's laptop so I can post them as well. Let's not go to why I can't get them right away. :)

I also like tinkering with images for friends and family. Recently, I just posted the designs I did as gifts for family and friends. Also, recently, I discovered a new way of tinkering with photos.

The Bubblenator is a simple web application that allows you to put speech bubbles on your photos. Just upload your photo in any image hosting site you want, then put the image's link location at The Bubblenator site, and follow the next steps, and voila! You got yourself a "talking" photo!

And since our circle of friends are fond of putting captions to our photos, I find those speech and thought balloons very useful. They would make our photos more fun and interesting. It would be nice if they could add more types of speech and thought balloons, but it's okay. I'm already having so much fun making our photos talk with what they have now.

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The weekend that was...
Monday, December 17, 2007
In my previous post, I said that I'm not posting my adventures last weekend asI decided to post my adventures last weekend as I "had this feeling that some people might not really care about how my weekend went."

Since when did I care about what people think of what I post in my blog?

Since I started my campaign advocating universal understanding.

Oh well, I decided to post anyway what I wrote so far since I already spent time writing them. And doing so helped me relax and kept my brain from stagnating.

If you find it too boring for you, don't worry. I'm sure I'll have a better, more eventful weekend next time. Just let me indulge in this post.


Saturday, Mr. Frost went to Greenhills with SkyClad to buy his toys. I didn't go with them because I wanted to spend time with Issen. I didn't dare bring the kid to Greenhills this time of the year. Imagine the crowd in a shopping territory during Christmas time. Definitely not for a one-year-old accompanied by his pregnant mom.

We went instead to my aunt's house blessing with my parents. The place was nice and my aunt was overjoyed when she saw Issen. She was even more ecstatic when she found out I'm pregnant again.

Issen fell asleep on the way home so I went to Market! Market! by myself to do some G-cash transactions (Yes, I went ebay shopping again. ). Afterwards, I went around the Fashion Market section of the mall and looked for gifts for my mom and Issen's nanny. I wanted to do my grocery shopping also but decided against it when I realized how hard it would be to get a ride home later that night.

Sure enough, getting a ride home at 7PM was hell. I was tired, hungry, and pregnant, and my feet were killing me, so after 30mins of trying to get a cab, I decided to take the jeep instead. Yes, it's hot and crowded, but at least I'll be sitting already and it would take me home in a few minutes. The line at the jeepney loading area was long but it moved quickly as there were many jeepneys waiting for their turn to bring shoppers tired home.

When I got home, Mr. Frost and SkyClad were already there, checking out their new toys. I'm glad Mr. Frost bought Thor, my all-time favorite Marvel character. Good thing he got the one from Marvel Legends Series 3; we both think it's the best Thor ever.

The actual toy looks way better than this, but thanks to Toymania for the image.

He also got Giant-Man with miniature Ant-Man and Wasp, Professor_X, Vision, Spiderman, and Archangel. Pics to follow.

Sunday, we went to Park Square to buy paint for Mr. Frost's Gun Cannon Gundam. Then we went to SM Makati to do our grocery. Good thing we went early as the crowd started to pour in at around lunchtime.

We got home, had lunch, then Mr. Frost went to camp at his usual corner at the garage to put his Gundam together. Issen was so irresistibly adoring that I played with him right away.

We walked around the garage, out the street, visited a neighbor, back to the street, then went back to the garage and walked some more. I enjoy watching him explore the world around him. It's even more fun when he's trying to run after his Lolo's (grandfather) chickens.

When I got a little tired walking after him, I put him in his bike and we strolled along the streets. That just got me more tired so we went home and I called his nanny to watch him while I take a rest.

I went inside the room, planning to take a nap, but the force of the gifts waiting to be wrapped was too strong. So I wrapped them peacefully (imagine the chaos if Issen was in the same room ). Afterwards, I went inside the room to get a few minutes rest before it's time to put Issen to sleep.

I think the little tyke sensed that it's work day again for Mom and Dada the next day because he styed up until past 11PM. He already knows to make the most of our weekend playtime.

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Christmas shopping and Sikei's homecoming
I had a really exhausting. I kinda hoped I had a couple more days before I have to go back to work.

I actually have already written about six paragraphs describing how my weekend went when I realized it may be uneventful for most people. I dunno, I just had this feeling that some people might not really care about how my weekend went.

Anyway, I'm done with my Christmas shopping. Did half of it at one mall, the other half on one website: Aaaah, the convenience of online shopping. Hehehehe. Oh yeah, I got my gifts for four of my nephews here in the office, so that makes it three places.

What's left to do is finish wrapping them. Done with some of them, but most aren't with me yet. The company merchandise won't be available for distribution until the 20th, while my Ebay loots are still being shipped. I should be able to get them tomorrow or Wednesday.

I had fun wrapping the gifts yesterday. Even though I was dead tired from grocery shopping, I couldn't restrain myself so I went ahead and finished wrapping the ones that were there already.

I got these really nice gift wrappers from Market! Market! It was red with Super Mario design. I still have to buy more, though, because I used up all ten sheets that I bought last Saturday.


We're picking up Sikei tonight!

Apologies for the sudden change of topic.

I'm so excited to see him again!

I called Animaland Bonifacio High Street branch but they said Sikei isn't due for discharge till Thursday. I was surprised because I was told that we can pick him up today.

So I called their main office to inquire and was informed that they're bringing Sikei to the branch today.

I called the branch again at around 7pm and said that they're just waiting for the delivery, but they're sure that Sikei is with that "ambulance" already.

okay, okay. We're leaving now to pick him up. See yah later!


Sikei's home! Yey!

Will post about his homecoming tomorrow so I can include the pics we took on Mr. Frost's phone.

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Children's Bedding galore
Mr. Frost and I were talking about the house we're planning to build. Being both gamers, we wanted to have a gaming room, somewhere to house our gaming paraphernalia and toys.

I also thought about the kids' rooms. Aside from the layout, the wall color, the bed, I started picturing the Childrens Bedding. I never really had themed beddings when I was a kid so I'm kinda excited to browse through some designs.

I searched on the internet and found a site that does customization and personalization of bedding designs. It's probably because of my military background that I am fascinated with camouflage and anything military. I like the fighter plane print on a camouflage background. They also have different kinds of pillows and blankets for this design. I think I'll do something with more planes and guns and have them print it. I'll throw in a couple of mechanized warriors and robots too.

Good thing I have little boys. The chances of them liking the theme I have in mind is higher than when I have little girls. :)



Making and buying Christmas gifts
Friday, December 14, 2007
It's been a while since my last Issen post. Got busy doing Christmas stuff like getting gifts for the family.

I don't really give out presents every year because like I said, I'm not really a Christmas-y person. But this year is different. I'm not off buying fancy stuff for every single person I know because we haven't recovered yet from our recent financial struggle (flashback here and a bit more here).

Instead, I decided to make use of what little "talent" I have in graphic design and came up with this.

I did the collage on the left weeks ago for myself. I wanted to have it printed and framed. I just had this idea to use it for the calendar. I had it printed at a local photo studio in 8R and 5R sizes. It will be my gift to some family and friends. At least, those who I know will appreciate my son's charm.

I can give out copies to anyone who want one, just let me know what size you want. Better yet, I'll give you the JPG file and you can have it printed yourself, letting me save from printing fees. Hehehehe! Just kidding.

For my parents and brothers, I made something that I'm sure everyone (in the family) will appreciate.

That's actually one of the pictures taken on Issen's birthday. All of my parents' grandchildren are there and they looked happy. I made it into a motivational poster and had it printed in 8R photos. I'll just attach monthly calendars below and voila! Instant useful gift. By the way, the monthly calendars I'm printing are marked with everyone's birthday and wedding anniversary. Everyone in our immediate family at least.

Also, I've been a regular again at since I decided to buy something for my nephews and nieces. I can't find anything within my taste and my budget at the malls and I'm in no shape to brave the wonder called Divisoria, which is considered as the shopper's heaven in the Manila, so I took advantage of the other wonder called online shopping. And boy did I get a lot of nice presents for a low price, in the comfort of my desk. And I don't have to go around lugging heavy bags as my purchases will be delivered right at my doorstep. Very convenient indeed.

I discovered and got hooked on online shopping last year, back when I was still pregnant with Issen. I was able to lots of stuff for Issen that time, really cute and inexpensive ones. It didn't matter to me that most of them are second-hand because I had no intention of spending so much on something that my son will use only for a couple of months. Besides, I was picky with the items I purchased.

Anyway, I found more stuff for Issen again this time. I got him playclothes that are brand new but are sold in very low prices as they are export overruns. I also got him pajamas for only Php10 a pair! And other stuff.

That's it for now. I didn't reaize it's so late already. I have to get up extra early tomorrow (or later, as it's way past midnight already) to prepare breakfast for Mr. Frost. He has to undergo a laboratory procedure in the afternoon that required fasting from 8am till 4pm, and the only way I got him to get on with the procedure is my promise to prepare his heavy breakfast.

Mr. Frost is making me practice the "art of bribing," telling me I'd definitely need that for when the kids grow older. Mr. Frost's and my genes are lethal when combined, and since they are defintely well-blended in our children's DNA, we're already preparing for the worst.

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Bzzzt... Choppy Connection... Bzzzt.
Experiencing technical difficulties.

Bzzzt. You got disconnected. Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.

Tut tut. Tuuuuut. Bzzzt.

Systems online.

Tuuuuut. Tut tut. Bzzzt.

Bzzzt. You got disconnected. Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.



KITT is back!
Thursday, December 13, 2007
I'm well behind the showbiz news because I just found out that they are doing a movie adaptation of the 1980s NBC television program, Knight Rider! There are rumors that this movie would serve as the pilot to a revived TV series by year 2008.

Apparently, the story has evolved and Michael Knight (played by Baywatch head honcho David Hasslehoff) won't be riding the famous talking car KITT anymore. Instead, KITT's new partner will be Mike Tracer, the son of Michael Knight (played by soap star Justin Bruening).

According to Bruening, the movie is "not a remake, it's a sequel to the original show..." He also said, "You don't mess with the original anything; it's never really as good." I'm starting to like the guy, we think alike.

Anyway, KITT (originally meant Knight Industries Two Thousand) will be undergoing a major makeover, from looks to functions, to keep up with the times. Here he was back in the 80's as a Trans-Am.

For months, rumors have been flying around as to what KITT's new appearance would be. Very recently, they finally unveiled Knight Industries Three Thousand, the new face of Knight Rider...

More pics here.

It's a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR, and I love it! The 1980s Trans-Am is cool, yeah, but the Mustang isn't bad either. I may be biased because I absolutely love muscle cars, but I really think they made a good choice. You can't go wrong with a classic muscle car like a Mustang, anyway.

And of course, they've souped it up good enough to be the ultimate crime-fighting vehicle of the new millennium. the new KITT is equipped with hacking capabilities, efficient weapons systems, and a logical and precise artificial intelligence. And thanks to nanotechnology, it is actually capable of shifting shape and color.

It is reported that NBC made arrangements with Ford Motor Company involving the employment of three (3) card in the series - KITT Hero, KITT Attack, and KITT Remote. Check out the details and features of these three supercars here.

I'll be waiting for new update about this.

*Credit goes to E! Online for this article and to IGN for this article.

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Blog Buddies Award
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Got this from Joey...

Thanks so much Doc! Hope to see you again! When's our next party kaya?

The internet is indeed a wonderful thing. Yes, it has enabled me to meet new friends, but much more, it has allowed me to keep in touch with old friends I haven't seen in years.

For that, I'm giving the award to the following:
Roselle - I really miss you so much. Come home soon.
Rica - Wag ka na kaya? Malakas ka mang-asar eh. Uwi ka na lang, punta tayo Binondo.*
Myla - Belated Happy Beerday!

*No English translation for this, Rica is not fond of my campaign for universal understanding.