Back to the grind
Monday, May 26, 2008
So today was my first day back at work.

My day didn't start well. Or maybe I was just expecting too much. I don't know what to expect, really. I probably just wasn't ready to go back at all.

To start with, I wore the wrong set of clothes. Wrong boots, wrong pants, wrong blouse, even the wrong bra. I don't feel "me" because of what I'm wearing. And I realized that when I was already at our office building.

Then, when I got to my desk, my computer wasn't there, which is understandable since they had a renovation while I was on leave. When I got my PC, there was some issues that made me unable to access my account. For one, I had to restart my password because I forgot my old one. Then I still can't log in - something about my IP being locked because I haven't log in for a long time. Talk about security measures.

Around after lunch, when they finally fixed my server access, things went on smoothly for a while. I sorted my emails (please don't even dare ask how much I got), sorted my files, etc.

Then around 4ish in the afternoon, I started feeling queasy. I can't describe what's wrong, but it felt like I was dizzy because of hunger and I wasn't hungry at all. Well, I didn't feel like eating. I drank lots of water because I thought I must be dehydrated. Nothing changed. Now I'm munching on some crackers, hoping I'd feel better. That remains to be seen.

Oh well, so much for my return.
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