Definitely NOT PMS-ing
Saturday, July 30, 2005
Went out last night with former officemates-turned-friends. Was disappointted at first because it was only me and Yayi who was there on time. We stayed at Napoli's Timog for more than two hours before somebody else came. Some even cancelled out. But when Mr. Frost and Taryn (who came with Anton, her boyfriend), our spirits lifted up. Neil came a lot later (Napoli's was already closing at 11pm!!! On a payday! On a Friday night!!).

When the Napoli's staff were practically driving us away, we went to Figaro near ABS-CBN and had coffee. Stayed there till 2am. We had so much fun talking we didn't realize it was already late. I was the one who suggested we call it a night because, the most unfortunate little bitch that I am, I still have work the next day (which is today, a Saturday. Continue reading first, pity me later). My meeting isn't until lunchtime but I still have to prepare this document I need to present to the client, that, may I add, I thought was due next week. My boss said so. But when I asked him what documents I need to prepare for the meeting, he mentioned that particular document that I haven't even started yet. Was already panicking.

Was planning to go home to Fort Bonifacio but, thanks to Taryn's suggestion and her constant lambing-making to Anton (ENVY!), I decided to go home with Mr. Frost instead. I really miss him so much and I'm making the most of every opportunity to spend time with him.

Woke up 9am today. Am supposed to be at work at 9am. Very me. Couldn't care less, every minute spent with Mr. Frost was worth being reprimanded by my boss about being late.

Had a loooooooooooong meeting with our client and my boss. Freaked out because I found out just this afternoon that we will be organizing an event that would be held on the last week of August. Was caught off-guard because I only prepared for the TV show project with the same client. Can predict that won't have any time left to spend with Mr. Frost. Makes me wanna say every expletive that I know, of every language.

Realized that the projects I'm handling at work will be taking soooooo much of my time for the next couple of months. Was really excited about it at first, really challenging. But then realized that would mean less or no time at all for Mr. Frost. Realized that another hard time is at hand.

Will be writing an email to Mr. Frost later. I miss sending him emails.

Am getting emotional again. Am sure this is not just PMS. My period started the other day. Must stop. Now.

One of my many ideas for centerpieces
I got this link from a fellow w@wie. Really nice. I posted it here because I have no pen and paper here with me right now and I want to go back to this site and check it always.

Why do i always have to explain the reason behind the posts I make here?! :)

You can give me your comments on this, but you can always wait till I post my other centerpiece ideas so you can make more pintas. Hehehehe.

Much talk about nothing
Thursday, July 28, 2005
Weird. I'm busier working at home than at the office. As we don't have internet connection at the office yet (we were supposed to be connected to the world wide web next week, but my boss decided that since we're moving to ortigas in a couple of months, it would be a waste both of effort and resources to be connected next week then disconnect when we leave for our new office. Pathetic.), I am forced to do some research here at home. Actually, it's my brother's internet shop, but I consider this my home since I spend more waking hours here than at my father's house. I would say forced because I don't really wanna do this. But since I have a deadline to meet, I have no choice.

I'm meeting with the guys (and girls) from my old office tomorrow. Of course, Mr. Frost will be there. Can't wait to see them again, especially Taryn, whom I haven't seen for ages! Can't wait to talk about girly stuff with her, Yayi and Crystal. It's been a while since I talked about girly stuff with anybody. It's always the guys who are at my face! :)

So far, work's been good. Nothing much to say here.

Can't talk much about the wedding preps since there hasn't been much going on. Don't ask me why. Talk to my dad. :P

Met with Mr. Frost again after work, and had dinner with Nocturnal Sun. Now, last time I mentioned Nocturnal Sun in my blog entry, he complained that I didn't talk much about him. This I tell you, Nocturnal Sun, bida ka ba? If I talk about you to your satisfaction, you might have to kill me afterwards because you wouldn't like the things I'll be saying. Can you say busted? Hahahah!

Although I was able to see and spend time with Mr. Frost again, and the fact that I'm seeing him again tomorrow, I still feel "bitin." I just can't get enough of him. Besides, our family haven't been spending quality time together. I terribly miss the three of us spending the whole weekend together. Doing nothing. Just loving each other.

Mr. Frost, your wife and your first-born miss you terribly.

Daddy, uwi na kami sayo ni mommy! Miss ko na sing mo saken eh! - sikei the grappler (FLAME ON!)

We're not having kids... :)
'Much as we would like to invite all the children of our friends, it
is only possible to accommodate the children of close family members.'

Wala lang, parang gusto ko ilagay sa wedding invites namin, para makatipid at walang batang makaagaw ng eksena sa mga pamangkin ko. Hehehehe.

First days and sleepless nights
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
First day at new work. Not bad at all, actually. Not bad at all for a first day.

Met Mr. Frost after work, had dinner with Nocturnal Sun, then went home. Mr. Frost and I spent about 2 hours together, but still, it didn't seem enough. What's making it worse is I don't know when we'll be able to spend some quality time again, with me having to work Mondays to Saturdays. No more life. Maderhamperpakingsyehet.

But still glad we got together, even just for a couple of hours. Dead tired. Barely slept last night. What's new about losing sleep anyway? Need to find a way to be able to sleep before 12midnight. Hit me. Maderhamperpakingsyehet.

Wait, what am I talking about? I am not the Goddess of Darkness for nothing. That's when I feel my best, in the wee hours of the night (or morning, whatever). Still, while I am here at the mortal plane, I must adapt to their environment. And their environment dictates that I rest in the darkness. Yeah, right. Maderhamperpakingsyehet.

Starting to have difficulties in breathing. Must cut down on those damn sticks. Must, but can't. Maderhamperpakingsyehet.

This entry is going nowhere. Must not waste other people's time. Must end this madness. Now.


Ento Gowns Survey: Part Two
Monday, July 25, 2005
Thank you for those who posted their comment on my previous survey. I hope you will come to my aid again as I continuously complicate my life. :)

Again, this is the bridesmaids' gown design. This already final.
Upper part: silver
Skirt part: midnight blue

As of the last survey for the gown design of the secondary sponsors, this design stood above the rest:
Whole dress: midnight blue
Bias, strap, and belt accent: silver

Design #1

However, I found this new design, and said to myself: ANOTHER ELECTION, COMING UP! Hehehe.
Black part: midnight blue
White part: silver

Design #2

What will be the design of the secondary sponsors' gown? (drumroll please... heheh.)
So cast your votes again, citizens. Thanks for the help.


The Goddess is PMS-ing
Sunday, July 24, 2005
Today is my birthday. Quarter of a century. For a long time, it actually felt like a birthday to me.

Had a simple celebration with my family and a few friends. Cooked my famous macaroni that, for teh nth time, got rave reviews. Older brother and aunt brought 2 different kinds of lumpiang sariwa. Spent time with my fiance. It was an eventful day full of love from those who matter.

But why am I feeling down right now? Because I wanted to spend more time with Mr. Frost, but can't. Because, somehow, I know, things aren't gonna be the same. Because I know, hard times lie ahead for us. Another adjustment is on the way, and I hope I'll be strong enough to withstand it. This is no feat for Mr. Frost; he's as strong as you could imagine. I need that strength to rub off on me.

This change of mood happened in a snap of a finger. One minute, I was fleeting. The next, my heart feels like it's gonna explode.

I feel like crying, just thinking about it. But crying won't do me any good, so I try my best to hold back. Hold back or break down.

The Goddess never breaks down. The Goddess is superior than the powers that be.

You can do this, bitch. You just have to.

Maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. Maybe you're overreacting. Maybe you're about to have your period.

Random Thoughts of a W@wie
Saturday, July 23, 2005
This was actually triggered by a posting from a fellow w@wie at our yahoogroups. I decided to post it here because, well, i think my opinion matters. Besides, this is my blog. I can do whatever I want :P

the material things may catch the attention of our guests, thus, making our wedding unique for them. pero i think, weddings are all the same for many Filipinos. What differentiates one from the others is how much they (guests) think we spent for our big day. sad to say, marami pa ring pilipino ang may mentality na the more expensive your wedding is, the more beautiful it is. what they sometimes miss is what the celebration really is all about: two individuals starting a new life together.

syempre, in our desire to please our guests, mega prepare tayo ng mga things that we think would matter to our guests, things that we think will make them enjoy the event. we tend to forget that the people whose enjoyment and comfort really matters is us, the groom and bride, because it IS our day.

pero syempre, as a bride, our enjoyment sometimes depend on how haba our hair is on our wedding day. :) i think we want to fulfill our childhood fantasies to be a princess or queen, even just for a day.

sabi nga ng papa ko, it's not the reception that's really important in a wedding, but the ceremony that binds a man and a woman together. yung kabonggahan ng reception, whether you admit it or not, is because we want to appear "sikat" to other people. what we should keep in mind, my papa continues, is we should make pasikat, not to the guests, but to God.

my two cents. hope it's worth your time.

My Wedding Gown!
Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My wedding gown! Yung black/maroon part magiging midnight blue, which is my motif (with silver).