Getting reacquainted with online shopping
Monday, August 20, 2012
I discovered the wonderful world of online shopping when I was pregnant with my second child. I scoured through different online stores for baby stuff that I can get the most value for my money. All my blog earnings for about 2 months went there, somewhere around $300. I was so happy then because I got so much stuff. But since these online stores don't ship to my country, I had the stuff delivered to my friend in California. Unfortunately, she had some personal problems, and she wasn't able to send my stuff to me, except for the Ameda breast pump.

After that, I stayed away from international online shopping. I still buy from local online shops, though.

However, after about 4 years, I got this drive to shop internationally again. Why?

Because many online stores ship to my country now. In fact, there are a couple o eBay stores that ship internationally FOR FREE.

How can I resist that?

Good luck to me now. Especially that this late bloomer is finding interests to lot of clothes, shoes, and fashion jewelry. Especially that I have decided to go back to baking as my outlet.

I need lots of luck to restrain myself from buying too much stuff.
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