Dea Tenebrarum
Thursday, October 27, 2005
The forces of nature are telling me it's time to post another entry on the blog they think I've already forgotten. Today, after another long day at work, I lost my wallet.

Yes, it's payday and I lost my wallet with my ATM in it, along with my PIN. No, I'm not stupid to write my PIN down and just leave at my wallet but yes, I was too tamad to go the bank and change the PIN. Alright, I'm stupid.

I don't even want to think about what's in it that really matters.

Anyway, wedding preps are doing okay. Will be fitting my gown next week. Can't believe the wedding's just a few weeks away. Can't to start my new life with Mr. Frost.

Crap. I am feeling so weak to go on.

I feel like crying, but no tears are brave enough to escape from my eyes.

The Goddess, just getting to ready to rise from the ashes, fell down again. She tries to pull herself up right away, but realized that she needed to stay down a bit while she ponders about her lost resources.

Updates, updates
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Again, two weeks after my last entry, the Goddess resurfaces and brings news to her minions.

Was really busy at work I couldn't believe we were able to accomplish several important stuff for the wedding. Of course, family from both sides were very helpful.

Let me summarize my updates. Know that what I mean by "summarize" is there are many amusing and irritating stories on the side that I prefer not to disclose as this entry might become as long as Metro Manila's traffic come 6:30pm. Don't worry, I'll post all side kwentos on a separate entry. The Goddess can't let those things pass by without my "comments."

Our Lady of All Nations Chapel, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City

Yes, after months of being elated thinking we can have the ceremonies outside the church, I find myself giving in to what's easier to take care of instead of pushing for what I want. No regrets here, though. The church we found is a small one, giving the intimate atmosphere that I want. Check out the picture here.

Pending requirements:
Marriage license - October 24
Marriage banns - already submitted to respective parishes

Villamor Golf Club, Pasay City

Papa is a regular here, so no worries. Got everything covered.

Maribel Chua

My tita's fiance is currently in the country so, as her daughter said, "Bawal muna magtrabaho, unahin ang paglalandi." See how crazy my family is? :) But, again, no worries here, because I'm very confident with my Tita Maribel's work. If she says I'll have my gown and that of the whole entourage at least two weeks before the big day, then that's what's gonna happen. She's also taking care of Mr. Frost's suit, so again, one thing less to worry about.

Neil Burdeos of Director's Cut

This guy is amazing. Most of our transactions are made through SMS messages and phone calls, but I'm very confident that he'll deliver. He's so easy to talk to and understands the creativity-slash-weirdness of the Frost couple. I have none of those bad feelings that makes me crazy. Prenups scheduled on the first week of November. Not too early, not too late.

Mang Boy Mahusay for Entourage
Mrs. Dofitas for Church

Still have to talk to Mang Boy about the design the bridal and bridesmaids' bouquet, which I discovered weeks after I booked him. Somebody told me not to make kulit to Mang Boy if the wedding is still ages away because that annoys him, so I'm going to him two weeks before the big day, November 19.

Now, Villamor Chapel has an in-house florist. I'm meeting with Mrs. Dofitas on October 23, Sunday. She's highly-recommended by the staff of the church office, probably because he has commission. But just the same, I want the flowers at the church simple.

DIY by Ate Jenny, SIL2B

DIY by Jewel, SIL2B

Will not say too much as someone might accuse me of being too patronizing to my future in-laws, but this I tell you: I've seen them take a P10-chopping board and make it worth P200. Just wait for the pictures of the final products.

Titanium Concepts

I've raved so much about this when my uncle told me he's providing the titanium rings that we love so much. I just got the rings yesterday afternoon and my camera phone didn't do justice to their beauty. I will definitely post the pics as soon as I find a decent camera. But remember the picture I've posted here several weeks back? The real thing is much, much more beautiful.

DIY by Meng

Bought the candles, still have to decorate them. Thanks to uber-creative w@wie, Glo, for the tips.

Cake Topper by Marita Laddaran
Art Cakes cupcakes
Frosts' Idea of Wedding Cake(TM), looking for supplier

As many of you probably know by now, our wedding cake symbolizes three of the interests Mr. Frost and I share. No supplier yet, but nit panicking. Honest.

DIY by Meng

Got the idea from a luminary how-to-do of the W@W files, then incorporated the way I did my candles at my 18th birthday. Will post picture by second week of November.

Wings of Dreams

Will finalize booking by next weekend.

If you wanna see the full details of our wedding preparations, you can read it here. Butterfly release not included. I forgot. :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
I know, I know. It's been about two weeks since my last post and I've been bombarded with emails from my fans wondering how I am now.

Ever since I started on my job last Sept. 26, the rest of my life stopped. Yes, unbelievable it may seem, but even my wedding preps was put on hold. Aside from the fact that I'm literally swamped with workload since day one, I am actually enjoying what I do so I took time out from the rest of the things I've been enjoying while I was out of work.

Anyway, after surviving my first week (and having my very successful and beer-flooded event last Saturday), I was able to steal a few minutes from work and write this post.

No wedding updates yet, as it is only last ngiht that we were able to come up with a new schedule for stuff to be done. There will be a couple of major changes, but I'll write about them later.

This is it for now, will be posting more maybe tomorrow, or if I get lucky, later. Just want to let my fans know that I'm okay. :)