I can't be a super hero.
Thursday, June 12, 2008
female-superheroesNot just yet.

I can handle having super powers. I can handle the skimpy leather suits. But I can't run on high-heeled boots. Not yet.

You see, for me, boots are one of the best things that man ever invented. I love them so much that if I have the money, I'd buy every single pair I'd fancy.

If I were to be a superhero, I would need to be very agile. I could probably fly, but I've gotta be the lamest superhero ever if I can't run.

Majority of the supoerheroines I've encountered (Yes, I've met them, we're closefriends, textmates if you will ) wear high-heeled boots. And I've got to be the most boring superheroine if I don't wear one also.

One of the pairs of boots I love wearing at work

Even if your answer is no, it's okay for a superheroine to go barefoot or wear flats or pumps or mary janes, I WANT to wear high-heeled boots if I were to be a super hero.

Gotta wear my boots during my morning runs from now. Wait, I don't do morning runs.

That's why I'm not yet a super hero.

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    what brand are those boots. they look like they're perfect for everything!