Brazilian Wax - FOR THE WIN!
Wednesday, January 21, 2009
As part of the transformation I was planning to have this year (details tomorrow, I promise!), I went ahead and got myself a Brazilian wax.

I'm not kidding. I did have one.

Actually, for the longest time, I've been wanting to go hairless down there. Even before I got married. I just didn't have enough courage to actually do it. And I didn't know any place that does it. And I was kinda shy about it because I don't know anybody who actually had a Brazilian wax, much more somebody who has an open mind about it.

To make the long story short, the obstacles to my hairless-ness went away. Thankfully, I am now surrounded by confident women (naaaaaaaaaaaaks! ) who have had a Brazilian wax or two already. Mr. Frost showed our a former officemate's post about her recent "treatment".

I checked her blog yesterday and chatted with her on YM about it. She even volunteered to go with me to the waxing salon where she had hers. I was kinda hesistant at first because she said it's really painful. Then I realized, it couldn't be worse than giving birth to two big babies (considering my body frame) normally without any anesthesia (both times!), right?

Also after opening my legs wide countless times in front of my OB and two times in front of male interns and nurses during my pregnancies and childbirth, whatever inhibition I had about showing my "thingie" (to people other than my husband) completely went away. I was ready to do it.

So my date with Ching at the end of the month is set.

A few more hours into the day, I found out that one of my officemates, Spamderella, has been doing it already, and she does it herself. And another officemate has done it twice already, in the same waxing salon Ching recommended. And she's planning to have another one that night.

So we went to Lay-Bare last night.

What can I say? BRAZILIAN WAX FOR THE WIN! I loooooooove the result!

It's not the wax-paper strip-pull kind that I'm familiar with. They have rubbery stuff kneaded in their hands, the color of contact cement, or "rugby" to you Vasecans , and the texture of clay. The attendant spread a part of it on a small area of my, uh, bikini area, and pulled. She kneaded the stuff again, put it on another part, and pulled. Wash, rinse, repeat until the whole area is as smooth as a baby's behind.

All I can say is that I enjoyed my "first time" because I had friends with me. Good thing also that we were the only customers left so we can laugh about it all we want. And laugh is what I did, literally.

For every painful pull that the attendant did, I laughed. I mean, really laughed. I don't know, but I kinda felt that the pain went away faster when I laughed, when I just tried to enjoy the experience.

I even said we were lucky there were no other customers around because I would have freaked them out and they'd think I'm a crazy masochist bitch.

I wasn't enjoying the pain, okay? I just find it... funny. It's like, I can't decide if it's painful enough to make me cry, or just enough to make me scream or curse. So I just laughed. I burst out a curse word three - JUST THREE - times. And that's because the attendant pulled when I was answering her question, completely off my guard, the bitch.

To describe the feeling more accurately, for those who are considering to have a Brazilian wax too, it's more like a burning sensation kind of pain. As what Ching said, it's like having a lighter on yout thingie for 5 seconds. With about 50 repetitions. The more hair you have, the more reps. Something like that.

All in all, I think I did well on my "first time." I didn't cry, nor called for my "Mommy", nor got even with the nice attendant for giving me pain. I laughed, cursed a little, almost torn a page off of the magazine I was holding. I did fine.

Yep, Master Jedi, I did well. I made you proud.