Monday, November 17, 2008
I know, I know. I haven't been around for a while.

Pardon me, but I was trying to get the hang of caring for a toddler and an infant.

Issen has turned two recently, and Kobe has grown to be a very handful baby at seven months. It's been a crazy ride, but at least Issen has been a really good big brother so far and has been making it easier for us to deal with them two boys.

We didn't get much new stuff for Kobe since Issen's baby things are still in very good condition, especially the clothes. Once Mr. Frost has decided that Kobe is big enough to bring with us whenever we go out, we knew there are things that our boys couldn't share or at least, use at the same time.

Strollers, for example.

We bought a second-hand stroller for Issen when he was younger. And since we don't go out that much, it's still in an excellent condition. We needed to buy another for Kobe, but since Issen has practically outgrown the old one which we will call "Blue", we decided to pass it on to Kobe and buy a new one for Issen. Thus we bought "Green".

Getting a new stroller was not an easy feat, mind you. There are several types of strollers to choose from. We have limited budget, but so many requirements, mostly related to safety, so it was kinda hard for us. Lightweight and umbrella strollers can be convenient, but if you have a big kid like Issen, you might think twice about it's durability. Of course, there are those that can be durable enough, but they can come to be expensive.

We considered all terrain strollers, but they can be very bulky and heavy. If you travel with kids by yourself, it can be pretty hard. If you have other grownups with you, it's fine so somebody can watch your kids while you put away the stroller to the trunk of your car.

I wanted to get one of those tandem strollers, so the boys can sit side by side, in line, or face to face. Unfortunately, there aren't much tandems in our area. The ones we found are quite pricey. Like I've said, we have limited budget, so even a five-thousand stroller can still be expensive for us.

We settled on one of those full-featured, single strollers. It has a roomy basket, a canopy, easy to fold, it reclines, and most importantly, it's big enough for our 20-kilo two-year-old boy.

So now we go around, mostly when we bring the kids tothe doctor for their check ups, with two strollers. It's fun when Mr. Frost and I walk side by side, one stroller for each, and seeing Issen trying to reach Kobe from his stroller.

I can't wait when Kobe is big enough to try and reach for his big brother. But by that time, Issen is probably big enough to walk on his own for long periods of time and we won't need a stroller for him anymore.

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    hubby and i are both stroller addicts! we got a stokke xplory, a quinny zapp AND a silvercross pop. wahaha. and isa lang baby namin. in fairness, pregnant ako ngayon so medyo justified haha.