The Booger
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Funny. Told myself won't be posting today because it was pretty much an uneventful day. But here I am.

As I was spending another loooooooooooong afternoon (till night) here at my brother's internet shop, a situation arouse (or arose - they're both politically correct, believe me) that made me re-assess my definition of friendship.

Just realized that, once I label someone as my friend, no matter what people say, I will stick by that person like a 6-year-old booger under an average elementary school desk.

Well, the person in question at this moment doesn't have an idea that he/she is covered with booger.:) No need to call his/her attention. Someday, when he/she's all gray and wrinkly, he/she will realize that he/she has looked liked somebody who just came out of somebody else's nose all these years. Then he/she will know it was me. :)

It took somebody else's mishap for me to discover how I truly perceive friendship.

Need not reveal my whole philosphy on friendship (the word is starting to get really old in this entry. hehehe.), but this I tell yoU: Friendship does not measure, it just goes on. More like unconditional love. Will not say more less I be tempted to discuss my belief in full details.

And just for the record, I do not - in any way - feel, look, or smell like a booger. It's called metaphor, you moron. There I got you before you got me. :P

Enough said.

Invites Design
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
I was looking for bottled wedding invitations to send to Ate Jenny, Mr. Frost's elder sister. Found these (click image to enlarge):

Those are not the actual invites, just the ideas. I'll post the pictures of the actual invites as soon as Ate Jenny and I decide on the final design of the invites AND finish at least one of them.

EB Photos!
Yey! Thanks to Mama Benz, Mec, and Mai, I got hold of some photos (where I can see myself at the EB.

Here's our "family" picture!

More pics of the pretty ladies and handsome men here!

Filtering the unwanted
Monday, August 29, 2005
I've recently activated the word verification feature of my blog because, believe it or not, I HAVE BEEN RECEIVING MESSAGES FROM SPAMMERS ON MY BLOG!

Here are the proofs:
1. Big News From The Healthcare Industry!!
2 and 3. Hey, you have a great blog here!

I will not delete those messages to constantly remind of the kind of people who are in my TO DESTROY list as soon as I achieve mortal world domination. My minions will feast on their tiny brains.

I hope this anti-spam feature won't discourage you to leave comments on my posts. And another reminder, violent reactions are certainly encouraged.

W@W Grand EB
Had one of the best times of my life last Saturday at the first ever W@W Grand EB!

Got our W@W tags. we won't be able to use the tag because we're pretty much complete with our suppliers, but the tags look so darn good that I gotta have one of those.

I also got myself and Mr. Frost W@W shirts that were so simple yet looked so cool. I love it so much!

Also won a MUGnificent W@W mug. And I won it because of a body part starting with the letter "Y": Y-chromosome! (Thanks, Bryan ni Inch!)

I'll be posting the pictures of my actual tags and goodies soon.

There was also a bag, (two kinds, actually) that said "I've BAGged the perfect partner!" Not just the paper bag kind shown on the pic above ha! As in legit bags na parang pouch or whatever you call them. Basta bag! :) Galing no!

I'm still praying that they make the other W@W merchandises available for purchasing, because I'd really to have one of those bags and the keychain too!

Hay, it's was a very successful event. The games we're fun and the food was great! But still, nothing can compare to the people involved.

I'm truly blessed to be part of this wonderful group. I can never thank Mama Benz and Papa John enough for giving birth to us, W@Wies. You didn't just give us a support group, but new friends to be treasured.

To my non-W@Wie friends who are planning for their wedding, let WeddingsatWork bring more life and fun not only to your wedding preparations, but to your new life as husband and wife as well.

Can't wait for the pictures!

Hair-raiser & Hairstyle
Friday, August 26, 2005
Okay, okay, okay. Give a few seconds to catch my breath.

First, a fellow W@Wie, Jane (DAMN YOU, JANE! hehehe!), gave me this link. She said it was scary like hell, and boy was she ever right!!! What makes me crazy is nothing much happens for a while, then BOO! It's right up your ass before you know it. Would have trouble sleeping tonight. I know, I always have trouble sleeping at night, but this doesn't help at all. Not at all! I can still feel my heart trying to get out my ribcage because of fright!

Word of advice to the weak-hearted: NEVER VIEW THE SITE WHEN YOU'RE ALONE AND IN A DARK ROOM!

On the other hand, Mr. Frost and I finally found the hairstyle for the big day!

Getting really excited!

Now, I have to find someone to scare with Jane's website. Gotta spread the blessing. Hehehe.

Re-choosing The Chosen One
I have deleted our previous posts that have images of ring designs on them so as not to demean the value of the one we have chosen. I have also deleted the other ring designs from our online album for the same reason.

Mr. Frost originally fell in love with a design similar to this one you see now, which is it's modified version, the one we're actually gonna have. (Click the image to enlarge.)

They're basically the same. The difference is the metal finish. We want to have the brushed finish on the sides and the high polish one in the middle.

We'll have the words HAPPY DAYS FOREVER engraved inside, with our names and, of course, the day of our wedding.

"It's really simple, but that's how we want it to be. We can't have fancy designs because both Mr. Frost and I are too "barbaric" for such designs. :) I might have a single stud on mine."

Again, here's the picture of my bouquet, that I love sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! :)

The one with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Thursday, August 25, 2005
Was getting all depressed because of the reason mentioend in my previous post.

Then, out of nowhere, Jacque, a fellow W@Wie and fellow addict on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. the show, started a YM conversation with the jobless Goddess (what a rhyme). The conversation started with the usual, wedding preps and the W@Wie EB, then we got to talk about my quest for new job. Wasn't expecting anything from her, because we haven't seen each other yet, but she asked for my resume and volunteered to help.

Was really touched, was almost in tears. A lot of my so-called friends know about my employment status, or rather, the lack of it. Only a couple has volunteered to help without me asking them. I seldom go around asking people to help me, but the gesture, the initiative to offer help, even without assurance, really means a lot, especially to one like me who is getting REALLY desperate.

I then realized that, no matter what I say, I am lucky to have been blessed with friends who live up to the meaning of the word, intentionally or otherwise.

My sincerest gratitude to you, my precious F.R.I.E.N.D.S. - Simon Woo, Nocturnal Sun, SkyClad, Jacque, Thine - for all the effort you have exerted to help me.

Your gesture will be forever treasured.

Ang drama ko ba? Talagang ganyan. Mahirap maging pabigat. Si Don lang naman nage-enjoy maging pabigat eh. Hehehe. Peace, fucker.

100th Night Show
Today is exactly 100 days before our big day. And I'm depressed. (Damn counter! Everytime I drop by my blog and see that counter, I go like "Oh my God! The wedding is just a few days away!" And I panic unnecessarily.)

Should be excited or whatever, but instead am feeling depressed. Why not? Am 25 and jobless, am getting married and penniless. Great.

As I read other W@Wies status on their wedding preps, I panicked. There are those who are getting married as far as December next year, but I think they've accomplished more than I have. And to think our wedding is December THIS YEAR! Check out my wedding preps status.

There's a lot of things bothering me right now, but I won't put them all here. I'm not even sure if I should worry about most of them, so I'll save my face from criticism. :D

I should stop right now because if I don't, I'll end up bitching about my petty worries anyway. Poor me. Need to get out more often. No, need a job.

The Frosts and Titanium
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Mr. Frost and I finally found the perfect metal for our rings: TITANIUM.

As one ring-maker said: "Titanium rings are a great choice for those who are hard on things and really need something that can take a beating." <--They made Titanium with the Frosts in mind!!! :)

Another ring-maker even said that Titanium is "much stronger than gold, silver or platinum, yet it's very light-weight."

However, I was informed that Titanium rings cannot be resized or altered, in case in the future, our finger sizes change. Syempre pa, I panicked. Mr. Frost came to the rescue and gave this link that answers the question "Can Titanium rings be resized?"

The Goddess is troubled. Must find a jeweler very soon.

The search for the perfect hairstyle
Monday, August 22, 2005
Originally wanted to wear hair up on the big day, but Mr. Frost wanted my hair down. Been looking for simple, nice hairstlyes, found a couple but am not sure if they will compliment my face shape AND the gown. Am also a little worried that if i let my hair down, the back of my gown might not be visible (syempre, pinroblema pa yun! hehehe! and why not? it's the reason why i fell in love with the gown!).

Anyway, here's the haristyles that I like. Still looking for other styles, though. (Click on the images for a better view)

Hairstyle #1

Hairstyle #2


Back to the Cyberworld... I think...
Friday, August 19, 2005
It's been almost two weeks since the last time I posted an entry here. A lot has happened in those 11 days.

Will spare you the details, still not in the mood to discuss things.

Nagpaparamdam lang.

Mr. Frost's Blog
Monday, August 08, 2005
Had a long day from work. Legs were really hurting because I had to walk from the office to the MRT Santolan-Annapolis station, which is about 2 kilometers away. Can't wait for our office totransfer to Ortigas.

Had to walk some more because met Mama, brother, and sis-in-law at SM Makati. Mama bought some groceries and insisted to pay for some of mine. Am such a spoiled little bitch! :) Thanks, Ma! I love you!

Went to brother's internet shop for my regular "session." Hate it when I look at the Wednesday group's email thread and can't add some more comments coz I missed the 5-second mark. Don't ask me what's that about, would just make me feel worse.

Legs and feet still hurting like hell.

Mr. Frost was still at the office when I got online. Had a short chat with him. He told me to check his blog and when I did, automatically wore a big grin on my face and heart did somersaults when came upon his latest entry at that time. (Read here. DOn't worry, it's just a short one.)

Had the urge to read the other entries he posted in the past. They are just short entries, but strike me real hard whenever I read them. Here are my favorites, Missing You and In the eye of the Tornado

Feel so blessed to have such a wonderful person loving me as much as, maybe more than, I love him.

Really tired, but happy because spent last Sunday with Mr. Frost. Miss spending more time with him. Can't wait to be married to Mr. Frost and spend the rest of my life with him.

SUddenly have the urge to cry because of happiness. Can't cry here. Brother's patrons might discover what a wuss I am.

Had to leave. Now.

The Goddess overreacted
Saturday, August 06, 2005
Thanks to everyone who posted their comments/opinions on my previous blog (PROBLEMS ADULTS HAVE). I really appreciate them.

Well, turns out that I have overreacted. Typical. :P

After I wrote and posted that entry, I prayed for guidance and let go. When my boss came in this morning, he called me to his room and told me the shooting was called off because of some misunderstanding between him, the producer, and the director. It's a little complicated, so I'll spare you the details. Of course, I was relieved.

There's something else. I'm so happy I'll cut to the chase. In the afternoon, wonders of wonders, my boss said we won't have to work regularly on Saturdays anymore, just when necessary. I must have had a stupid grin on my face because he said, "May dates ka every Saturday no?"

I haven't had the chance to talk about this with Mr. Frost yet, we'll see other tomorrow. I'm sure we'll have a good laugh at how I overreacted.

After all these drama (my apologies again for the inconvenience), another question popped in my mind:


I’ve been tagged by Faye and Con! Ang special ko naman, dalawa pa nag-tag saken! Hahaha! (Masyadong feeling, pagbigyan na. :P)

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there’s no one around you?

- Plotting mortal world domination :)
- Thinking endlessly of Mr. Frost and our life together
- Scrubbing dried skin off my hideous feet
- Read, eat, and digest my favorite books

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

- Spending quality time with Mr. Frost and Sikei. Believe me, nothing works better.
- Reading Roselle's cards and letters
- Playing computer games! :)

3. Tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs.
- Mr. Frost
- Roselle
- Odette
- Pilar
- Leah
- Tricia

Syempre pa, pasaway ako kaya anim yung nilagay ko. Paki nyo ba, eh natural-born rule-breaker ako eh. Hehhehe.

Problems adults have
Friday, August 05, 2005
I was supposed to continue my story about Papa's call to Mr. Frost, but I can't bring myself to do it right now when there's something clouding my mind.

I like what I'm doing at my new work. I think I'm starting to love it. It's events mangament, for Pete's sake! (I suddenly wondered how Pete is. Heheheh.) Before I got on board, I was asked if I'm okay with a Monday-to-Saturday schedule. I said "Yes," because I wanted to impress them (I know it was wrong but I was so desperate to get a job at that very minute! Hit me if you want). I told myself, "Okay, that's just a little sacrifice. You need the job, so go and get it." The pay isn't that big, but I still took it because (how many times do I have to say this?) I needed the job.

It's a start-up company, so I anticipated that I'll hit the ground running. There's a loooooot of work to be done in a start-up company.

I imagine Roselle saying, "AT! AT! AT!" at this part.

The first week came and went. Everything was fine. Enter second week. My work week isn't over till tomorrow, Saturday, but so far, we already had 3 last-minute meetings that started a few minutes before going home and lasted AT LEAST 2 hours. I should be happy, because that means overtime, but no, we don't have OT pay so...

"AT! AT! AT!" Roselle goes again.

My ento's fitting was scheduled originally on Saturday, 06Aug, but since I can't get off work on my second week, we moved it to Sunday, 07Aug. Today, I called a client to confirm our interview schedule. He told me that since we're shooting on Sunday, we might as well have the interview afterwards. I was crushed. No, I was devastated. I'm the project manager for this particular project so I'm supposed to be present at the shooting, but I was kinda hoping I could get off from that. Now I'm hoping against hope that my ento won't kill me for changing the fitting sked on such short notice.

Roselle would then say here, ITO ANG KILLER!

I, then, realized this won't be the last time I have to work on a Sunday. This job is not for a person who has a family. This job is for a single person who's NOT planning to get married and start a family in a few months.

I am not blaming my boss or the company for f*cking up my mind. This is a start-up company, and I understand that to hit big, eveyone in it has to work real hard and give their everything to their job. I understand that it is normal to have work till 10pm AND weekends on a regular basis.

If this job came to me about a year ago, I wouldn't have cared. I'd do it in a snap of a finger. I wouldn't be having this problem.

Obviously, Mr Forst and I are getting married on December 3 of this year. That's about a little less than 5 months from now. I wanted to use that 5 months to spend more time with family I grew up with before starting my own. I wanted to spend more time with Papa and try to make up for the time we lost a couple of years back.

I realize that I can't do that if I'm in this job.

My mind is set on my long-term plans. Family is very important to me. Family comes first. If I have to work my ass off on weekdays, it's okay, as long as I have the weekend to look forward to and spend quality time with my family. I don't want my child to grow up like the others who know their moms only by name and picture. Somebody has to raise my child, I want that somebody to be me, not his or her yaya or granparents.

I realize that I can't do that if I'm in this job.

"So why don't you just quit? You've just started, it's not as if you've put so much already in the company," some of you might say.

I repeat my statement on the second paragraph of this entry, I like what I'm doing at my new work. I think I'm starting to love it. I want to see this start-up company succeed. I see it's potential to fly, and I wanna be there when that happens. That's the reason why I'm having this problem.

If I don't like this job, I wouldn't even be wasting your time with this entry. I would have quit yesterday. Or even last week, as Mr. Frost absolutely knows.

Besides, looking for a job isn't that easy nowadays,as many of you most definitely know.

Discussing this with my boss is not an option. I don't think he's the kind of person who understand the meaning of "FAMILY." Trust me on this.

I wish I was a child again, with nothing to decide on but what dolls to play with or which candy to eat. But if I were still a child, I wouldn't be with Mr. Frost. I won't be sharing this wonderful love with him. I wouldn't be this happy, generally speaking.

If Mr. Frost isn't in my life, I would say that being an adult sucks big time! But then again, if Mr. Frost isn't in my life, then I wouldn't be having this problem because I won't have my future to think about.


Blooded and Hanging
Thursday, August 04, 2005
Today was a very eventful day.

First off, one of our clients paid a visit and met with me and my boss. To make the long story short and save the uninterested from details that they don't care about, I was able to make the client sign a contract for the grand launch of his website. That project is actually just as an extension of a bigger project, which I also handle. So imagine my surprise when my boss went to my workstation, just seconds after he went out the door with the client, and congratulated me for my first closed account. I didn't understand what he was talking about, until he said, "Mag-blow out ka ha!" Turned out that it was considered a whole new project and is already under my belt when all along I thought it was still part of the bigger one. One good news for Mr. Frost. (Later on, Mr. Frost said that in the world of sales and marketing, I am now considered as "blooded," or someone who just closed his/her first account. In other words, I'm de-virginized. I prefer his first term, kinda more appropriate for my title as the Goddess of Blood and Darkness.)

Then, on my way home, I was at the platform of Santolan-Annapolis MRT station, trying to decide how to carry all the stuff I have with me without looking stupid when my MRT ticket slipped off my hand and landed - you'll never guess where - on the rail tracks. I was red-faced with embarassment when I approached the security guard for assistance. I didn't know if I would be flattered or be insulted when the station supervisor asked me, "Estudyante ka ba?" because I wasn't sure if he asked that because he thought I look young for my age or because he thought I was stupid enough to let my ticket end up on the rail tracks. They didn't make me feel stupid, though. For a bunch of government people, they were surprisingly helpful. The security guard even told jokes. Real funny jokes. One amusing news for Mr. Frost.

And for the most signifact event of the day...

While Mr. Frost and I were having dinner, I sent my father a text message telling him about my first closed account, and being late because I'm having dinner with Mr. Frost. He replied and told me to go straight home after our dinner and to take care. While we were walking to the corner where I'll get a cab, Mr. Frost took his phone from his pocket, checked the caller, and gave the phone to me. Without looking, I answred the call. Guess who?

Papa told me he wanted to talk to Mr. Frost, otherwise he would have called me on MY phone. So I gave the phone to Mr. Frost. Later on, Mr. Frost told me my father was making sure he'll bring me home.

My father never called any person that I'm with just to ask them to bring me home. Especially past boyfriends. Not even my best friend. It's a good sign, actually. Because that means my father is recognizing Mr. Frost's existence.

I want to write about how I feel about Papa's call and how happy Sikei was now that he saw Mr. Frost again, but my brother said we have to go.


I'm a Japanese Katana!
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Here goes a blogging quiz that, for once, I am sure that the guys will like.

I've edited the image to fit my blog and not f*ck up the layout, like it did the first time I posted the link.

Your personality is best represented by the traditional Japanese
Katana. You are brave beyond words and rarely (if ever) act for
your own personal gain. Your honor is very important to you, and
you strive to better yourself and help others. You try not to
let emotions get in the way of making a sound decision, and are
usually quite successful.

What sort of Weapon best Represents your Personality? (anime pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Guys, try the quiz yourself. It has only four questions so stop being a "pabigat" and just try it. You'll like it.

Of Sikei and blogging quizzes
I know, I know. Instead of writing something about how happy I was to see Mr. Frost yesterday, I took one of those blogging quizzes and posted it instead. How boring can I be?

I saw him yesterday, but instead of meeting him at 7pm like I used to, I met him at around 830pm instead. The reason: Last-minute meeting at the office. I was so pissed when my boss called and told me to meet him somewhere in Shangri-La Plaza for something that failed to register to my brain because as soon as I heard that we have a meeting at 6pm, my brain voluntary shut down. Great.

Anyway, we just had a couple of sticks then I went home. We spent about an hour together, but it was enough to stop me from crying every goddamn night, feeling sorry for ourselves because we can't be together as often as we want. Missing him like hell. Well, at least I didn't cry last night. And I'm hoping I won't cry tonight, as well. It's part of my promise to try and be stronger for both of us, exactly like what Mr. Frost is doing.

Today was Sikei's first day at the office. He's friends with Gary now, our admin assistant. Nobody else paid that much attention to him, but does he care? OF COURSE NOT! He's there not to socialize with beings who do not understand his intelligence and purpose in this world, but to be my inspiration for work, like he used to do when Mr. Frost and I were still at the same company.

He threw a mild fit when we found out that Mr. Frost wasn't able to go to work and that we won't see him. Mr. Frost stayed up until the sun came out, cleaning what filth the flood left inside our home (Damn hard rains!). Sikei was really looking forward to seeing Mr. Frost. He even threatened not to speak to me ever if he doesn't see Mr. Frost again tomorrow just because I didn't bring him to work, like I did (or did not, whatever) yesterday. Kids. Hmp.

And now I'm talking about emotions of an imaginary child. Goodness. I really am going crazy!

To those who don't know me, Mr. Frost, and Sikei, you'll probably think that what I just wrote above was purely fictional, that I'm just making up stories.

To those who know us, this is another proof that Mr. Frost and I are, indeed, insane.

Yeah. Whatever. Like we care. :P

And now, if you'll excuse me, I found another interesting blogging quiz to do.

What kind blogger am I?
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Oh. My. God. I can't believe I'm getting fond of these blogging quizzes.

Have to see Mr. Frost. Who knows what I'll do next if I continue missing him like crazy?

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious
You're an approachable blogger who tends to have many online friends.
People new to your blogging circle know they can count on you for support.
You tend to mediate fighting and drama. You set a cooperative tone.
You have a great eye for design - and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!
What's Your Blogging Personality?

"You have a great eye for design - and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!"

Naks, feeling creative tuloy ako ngayon. Hehehe.

Best looking on the block daw oh! I'm sure maraming magre-react!


What kind of bride am I?
Monday, August 01, 2005

Hindi rigged ang result na yan ha. Maski ako nagulat eh. Heheheh.

You are an innocent bride.
Awww! You are an innocent bride!

What Kind of Bride Will You Be?
brought to you by