Hair-raiser & Hairstyle
Friday, August 26, 2005
Okay, okay, okay. Give a few seconds to catch my breath.

First, a fellow W@Wie, Jane (DAMN YOU, JANE! hehehe!), gave me this link. She said it was scary like hell, and boy was she ever right!!! What makes me crazy is nothing much happens for a while, then BOO! It's right up your ass before you know it. Would have trouble sleeping tonight. I know, I always have trouble sleeping at night, but this doesn't help at all. Not at all! I can still feel my heart trying to get out my ribcage because of fright!

Word of advice to the weak-hearted: NEVER VIEW THE SITE WHEN YOU'RE ALONE AND IN A DARK ROOM!

On the other hand, Mr. Frost and I finally found the hairstyle for the big day!

Getting really excited!

Now, I have to find someone to scare with Jane's website. Gotta spread the blessing. Hehehe.
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