100th Night Show
Thursday, August 25, 2005
Today is exactly 100 days before our big day. And I'm depressed. (Damn counter! Everytime I drop by my blog and see that counter, I go like "Oh my God! The wedding is just a few days away!" And I panic unnecessarily.)

Should be excited or whatever, but instead am feeling depressed. Why not? Am 25 and jobless, am getting married and penniless. Great.

As I read other W@Wies status on their wedding preps, I panicked. There are those who are getting married as far as December next year, but I think they've accomplished more than I have. And to think our wedding is December THIS YEAR! Check out my wedding preps status.

There's a lot of things bothering me right now, but I won't put them all here. I'm not even sure if I should worry about most of them, so I'll save my face from criticism. :D

I should stop right now because if I don't, I'll end up bitching about my petty worries anyway. Poor me. Need to get out more often. No, need a job.
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2 wisecracks:

  • At 12:15 AM, Blogger mai's ambushed thoughts were:

    haha! galing ng mga 2006 (and even 2007) brides noh? ako nga rin eh inggit..gagaling naman nila hehehe! samantalang tayo waaah! feeling ko malapit na rin akong magpanic..shucks! patapos na august.."ber" months na..waah!less than 4 months na lang tayo dami pang kulang..don't u worry sis..marami tayong karamay na dec'05 brides. :D

  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger Vannie's ambushed thoughts were:

    hi meng, fellow w@wie here. :)

    this is precisely the reason why i didn't put a counter on my blog. i don't want to be pressured. yun nga lang, everyone else's blog has a counter so i end up knowing how many days do we have left. hahaha!

    i share your sentiment on dec 2006 brides. when i saw their updates, mas madami pa talaga sila sa akin! baka nga meron pang nauna sa akin magpagawa ng invites. :P pero i'm taking everything in stride. kaya natin'to. :)