The Frosts and Titanium
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Mr. Frost and I finally found the perfect metal for our rings: TITANIUM.

As one ring-maker said: "Titanium rings are a great choice for those who are hard on things and really need something that can take a beating." <--They made Titanium with the Frosts in mind!!! :)

Another ring-maker even said that Titanium is "much stronger than gold, silver or platinum, yet it's very light-weight."

However, I was informed that Titanium rings cannot be resized or altered, in case in the future, our finger sizes change. Syempre pa, I panicked. Mr. Frost came to the rescue and gave this link that answers the question "Can Titanium rings be resized?"

The Goddess is troubled. Must find a jeweler very soon.
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