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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
I know, I know. Instead of writing something about how happy I was to see Mr. Frost yesterday, I took one of those blogging quizzes and posted it instead. How boring can I be?

I saw him yesterday, but instead of meeting him at 7pm like I used to, I met him at around 830pm instead. The reason: Last-minute meeting at the office. I was so pissed when my boss called and told me to meet him somewhere in Shangri-La Plaza for something that failed to register to my brain because as soon as I heard that we have a meeting at 6pm, my brain voluntary shut down. Great.

Anyway, we just had a couple of sticks then I went home. We spent about an hour together, but it was enough to stop me from crying every goddamn night, feeling sorry for ourselves because we can't be together as often as we want. Missing him like hell. Well, at least I didn't cry last night. And I'm hoping I won't cry tonight, as well. It's part of my promise to try and be stronger for both of us, exactly like what Mr. Frost is doing.

Today was Sikei's first day at the office. He's friends with Gary now, our admin assistant. Nobody else paid that much attention to him, but does he care? OF COURSE NOT! He's there not to socialize with beings who do not understand his intelligence and purpose in this world, but to be my inspiration for work, like he used to do when Mr. Frost and I were still at the same company.

He threw a mild fit when we found out that Mr. Frost wasn't able to go to work and that we won't see him. Mr. Frost stayed up until the sun came out, cleaning what filth the flood left inside our home (Damn hard rains!). Sikei was really looking forward to seeing Mr. Frost. He even threatened not to speak to me ever if he doesn't see Mr. Frost again tomorrow just because I didn't bring him to work, like I did (or did not, whatever) yesterday. Kids. Hmp.

And now I'm talking about emotions of an imaginary child. Goodness. I really am going crazy!

To those who don't know me, Mr. Frost, and Sikei, you'll probably think that what I just wrote above was purely fictional, that I'm just making up stories.

To those who know us, this is another proof that Mr. Frost and I are, indeed, insane.

Yeah. Whatever. Like we care. :P

And now, if you'll excuse me, I found another interesting blogging quiz to do.
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