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Thursday, July 28, 2005
Weird. I'm busier working at home than at the office. As we don't have internet connection at the office yet (we were supposed to be connected to the world wide web next week, but my boss decided that since we're moving to ortigas in a couple of months, it would be a waste both of effort and resources to be connected next week then disconnect when we leave for our new office. Pathetic.), I am forced to do some research here at home. Actually, it's my brother's internet shop, but I consider this my home since I spend more waking hours here than at my father's house. I would say forced because I don't really wanna do this. But since I have a deadline to meet, I have no choice.

I'm meeting with the guys (and girls) from my old office tomorrow. Of course, Mr. Frost will be there. Can't wait to see them again, especially Taryn, whom I haven't seen for ages! Can't wait to talk about girly stuff with her, Yayi and Crystal. It's been a while since I talked about girly stuff with anybody. It's always the guys who are at my face! :)

So far, work's been good. Nothing much to say here.

Can't talk much about the wedding preps since there hasn't been much going on. Don't ask me why. Talk to my dad. :P

Met with Mr. Frost again after work, and had dinner with Nocturnal Sun. Now, last time I mentioned Nocturnal Sun in my blog entry, he complained that I didn't talk much about him. This I tell you, Nocturnal Sun, bida ka ba? If I talk about you to your satisfaction, you might have to kill me afterwards because you wouldn't like the things I'll be saying. Can you say busted? Hahahah!

Although I was able to see and spend time with Mr. Frost again, and the fact that I'm seeing him again tomorrow, I still feel "bitin." I just can't get enough of him. Besides, our family haven't been spending quality time together. I terribly miss the three of us spending the whole weekend together. Doing nothing. Just loving each other.

Mr. Frost, your wife and your first-born miss you terribly.

Daddy, uwi na kami sayo ni mommy! Miss ko na sing mo saken eh! - sikei the grappler (FLAME ON!)
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