The Goddess is PMS-ing
Sunday, July 24, 2005
Today is my birthday. Quarter of a century. For a long time, it actually felt like a birthday to me.

Had a simple celebration with my family and a few friends. Cooked my famous macaroni that, for teh nth time, got rave reviews. Older brother and aunt brought 2 different kinds of lumpiang sariwa. Spent time with my fiance. It was an eventful day full of love from those who matter.

But why am I feeling down right now? Because I wanted to spend more time with Mr. Frost, but can't. Because, somehow, I know, things aren't gonna be the same. Because I know, hard times lie ahead for us. Another adjustment is on the way, and I hope I'll be strong enough to withstand it. This is no feat for Mr. Frost; he's as strong as you could imagine. I need that strength to rub off on me.

This change of mood happened in a snap of a finger. One minute, I was fleeting. The next, my heart feels like it's gonna explode.

I feel like crying, just thinking about it. But crying won't do me any good, so I try my best to hold back. Hold back or break down.

The Goddess never breaks down. The Goddess is superior than the powers that be.

You can do this, bitch. You just have to.

Maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. Maybe you're overreacting. Maybe you're about to have your period.
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