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Saturday, July 23, 2005
This was actually triggered by a posting from a fellow w@wie at our yahoogroups. I decided to post it here because, well, i think my opinion matters. Besides, this is my blog. I can do whatever I want :P

the material things may catch the attention of our guests, thus, making our wedding unique for them. pero i think, weddings are all the same for many Filipinos. What differentiates one from the others is how much they (guests) think we spent for our big day. sad to say, marami pa ring pilipino ang may mentality na the more expensive your wedding is, the more beautiful it is. what they sometimes miss is what the celebration really is all about: two individuals starting a new life together.

syempre, in our desire to please our guests, mega prepare tayo ng mga things that we think would matter to our guests, things that we think will make them enjoy the event. we tend to forget that the people whose enjoyment and comfort really matters is us, the groom and bride, because it IS our day.

pero syempre, as a bride, our enjoyment sometimes depend on how haba our hair is on our wedding day. :) i think we want to fulfill our childhood fantasies to be a princess or queen, even just for a day.

sabi nga ng papa ko, it's not the reception that's really important in a wedding, but the ceremony that binds a man and a woman together. yung kabonggahan ng reception, whether you admit it or not, is because we want to appear "sikat" to other people. what we should keep in mind, my papa continues, is we should make pasikat, not to the guests, but to God.

my two cents. hope it's worth your time.
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