The Frost brood
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
A fellow w@wie (now a n@wie, meaning she's already married) recently found out that she's pregnant. Her entry about her first son's reaction about the news was really amusing.

Made me think about the future Frost brood. Well, we already have one. Meet our ringbearer, SIKEI. (Clicking the images will bring you to HIS website. Try it, go on. Don't be shy now.)

Yes, I know what you're thinking. And yes, we're crazy. Do you have any problem with that? ;)

I would not go into details of our relationship with Sikei. Our friends are already nuts about it, while people who matter understand our sanity (or lack of it) and are just letting us be.

Anyway, for his baby sister in the future, here's a sneak peek:

The name is AI KAGO of Morning Musume. I'm not just sure if she graduated already, but she's the other half of the duo W (Double You), with another Morning Musume member, Tsuji Nozomi.

Ai Kago is the epitome of cuteness. Honestly, them Jap girls, particularly Morning Musume, are cute without being annoying, not like some people I know. Oooooooooooooohhh! Print screen! Heheheh:D

I really wish my daughter would look like Kago. I'll do any possible way for my daughter to look like her.

That's the second wishful thinking I had while blogging.

Blessings galore
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Hey, I realized just now. Come to think of it...

In a span of just one week, I've been blessed with so many things. The first one was the rings, and the latest is this adventure. I've received other blessings in between, but I'm not going to enumarate them as I might forget to mention something and demean the value of that particular blessing. ALL IN JUST ONE WEEK.

Finally, the patience, among other qualities she possesses, of the Goddess has paid off.

Sure, nice guys finish last. But they get the louder applause. And the part of the cake saved for last: THE BEST.

The adventure begins...
It's been a while since my last post. Nothing much happened, the writer in me just took a vacation. She's probably enjoying it that's why she hasn't come back yet. Thus, the reason behind this crappy entry.

Got reason to post something today, as I was informed my adventure will begin on Monday. I have learned to consider jobs as an adventure. It makes it sound more exciting and interesting, thus making me perform a lot better. IT'S ALL IN THE MIND, MY FRIEND! Bwaharharharhar!

Mr. Frost will be just a room away, EVERY GODDAMN DAY! We'll have lunch and cigarette breaks together everyday, just like we used to back at the wonderful world of mobile industry. The only thing better than that is the fact that I won't be babysitting my brother's computer shop and its bratty customers anymore. Wahehehehe!

Through the efforts of Nocturnal Sun (thanks, fucker. the Goddess is eternally grateful. now where's the Coke you promised? hehehe.), the Goddess has finally got something to do better than surf the net, worrying herself to death of wedding preparations: PLAY AND GETTING PAID FOR IT.

Oh well, that's just wishful thinking. I would be playing, yes, but not to relax or to take my mind off things, like I usually do. I'll be working, damn it. And that gives a different effect as to playing for pleasure.

Dn't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I AM GRATEFUL AND HAPPY. I'm just being my crappy self, looking for something to worry about. You got a problem with that?

Update on our wedding preps? NSO sent an email to Mr. Frost regarding our online request for a copy of his birth certificate. They said the computer can't find his file on their database. They still have to do manual searching for it in their archives of micro-films or whatever our crappy government offices have. It's free of charge (thank God, coz they're the ones who lost it, anyway), but it would take several days more before they can send us the copy. Oh well, you're a Philippine government office, so what's new?

We were planning to go to Taguig City Hall and file our application for marriage license this week. There goes our fucked up sked.


I used the word crappy three times in this post. What does that mean? It means my vocabulary is deteriorating. God, I can't wait to work again and put my brain to corporate torture.

The Blessing
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
I am so happy!

My uncle in the United States of Uncle Sam, who happens to be one of our ninongs, is getting our rings for us, the titanium rings Mr. Frost and I both love... and he's giving it to us as a wedding gift! Yey!

Yes, we already know about the difficulty of resizing titanium bands, but just like Mr. Frost said, AY DON KER! :) That shouldn't be a problem anymore. We'll have that covered.

I am just so happy for this blessing.

Enough said.

Unhinged 82 days before the DAY
Monday, September 12, 2005
82 days before the big day. Great.

So what updates can I give to those asking for it?


A couple of Divisoria trips, maybe. Or booked a couple of minor suppliers. Oh I know! Lots of brainstorming sessions with the people who matter! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. When it all comes down to it, I have nothing.


Because I am the Queen of Cramming. The Goddess of the Last-minute Preparations. The Supreme Being of Procrastination.

Well, I am exaggerating. Everything that matters about the wedding is in place, all ready to be taken care of when the right time comes.

"And when is the right time?"

Only God knows when.

"How can you act upon them if you don't know when?"

I just make sure I'm ready so when He tickles my nervous system endlessly (His way of telling me "IT IS TIME."), I'll be good to go.

"You're crazy."

Yes, I am. So are you.

"No, really. You're out of your mind."

Yes, I know. "If I know i'm going crazy, then I must not be insane," were the words of Dave Mustaine the wise, according to Mr. Frost.

"You're really weird. I'm leaving you alone."

Great! That's better. If you don't, you'll end up hurting yourself.

"Why are you being mean to those who are just concerned about the progress of your preparations?"

I'm not being mean to them. I'm being angry at myself for not having significant updates to give them. Can you please get me Reese's peanut butter cups?


Mr. Frost, you might want to reconsider your proposal of lifetime bondage to this unhinged creature. You still have time to take it back. You still have time to save yourself.

Magic Save-the-date
Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thanks to fellow w@wie Vannie, I finally did our save-the-date card. This is inspired by Magic: The Gathering, one of the many interests Mr. Frost and I share.

Originally, I posted a save-the-date card with our favorite picture. Mr. Frost and I realized that, to do justice to our inspiration, we have to use an art. "If we're gonna do it, we might as well do it right," were the words of Mr. Frost the wise.

I also had to use the latest design of multicolor cards, this taken from the Kamigawa block, the only multicolor card in the Betrayers of Kamigawa set. Click here to see the previous studies I made. Just for the record, I reeeeeeeeeally enjoyed doing them. And no matter how crappy some people may think they are, I AM SO PROUD OF THEM!

Here are samples of actual cards.

Will be having it printed on photo paper then we're good to go. :) Thanks to Simon Woo for reminding me about the border color of dual color cards.

Acknowledgement goes to our good friend Tim Burton for the images taken from his movie "Nightmare Before Christmas." Come to think of it, our wedding will be held before Christmas. So that means...

Man, we are one weird couple.


Overflowing with love... And nothing to do
Saturday, September 03, 2005
I am overflowing with love for Mr. Frost.

Maybe because I've run out of things to do here on the magical world of cyberspace. Maybe because I haven't seen him in 3 days. Maybe because he's with the guys having a reeeeeeeeeeeaally great time playing video games right at this very minute (can you spell envy?). Maybe because I've been listening non-stop to our songs for 5 hours now. Or maybe because I'm just sooooooooo in love with him.

Whatever the reason is, I've been browsing through my archives and wasn't able to resist the urge to re-post some of my previous entries. Incidentally, most of them are from August 2004 and one is an open letter I posted sometime in February 2005.

No, I am not reposting them. I placed the link here so you can give your little fingers the exercise they need and have a better use than playing with... the remote.

Again, a word of warning to those who are not in the mood to "hear" me profess and read about my undying love for Mr. Frost, do not dare click those links. You've been informed of what to find.

God, I really miss him.

For Mr. Frost, and Mr. Frost alone
To Mr. Frost,

I don't remember what day it was. I didn't notice what time it was. All I know is that I fell in love with you. And if all my dreams come true, I'll be spending time with you.

Every day's a new day in love with you. With each day comes a new way of loving you. Every time I kiss your lips my mind starts to wonder. And if all my dreams come true, I'll be spending time with you

Oh I love you more today than yesterday, but baby not as much as tomorrow.

Tomorrow makes each springtime just a day away. Cupid we don't need you now be on your way. I thank the Lord for love like ours that grows ever stronger. And I always will be true, I'll be spending time with you.

Uhrm. What? That sounds familiar? I wonder why...

Oh well, you know where I got that, but that doesn't make it mean less. I love you so much, and I can't wait to rock and roll with you for the rest of our sorry lives. :)

(aMbUsH101's note: To those who find this virtual public display of affection too cheesy for comfort, I hope you experience the kind of love Mr. Frost and I share so you'll understand where people like me get their guts to do these kinds of things. And when you do, kindly leave a message in my tagboard indicating your blogsite so I can see who's cheesier, you or me.)

I can't stop thinking about Mr. Frost... I can't stop myself from looking at him at this pic.

I can't stop looking at the rings (see below)... I can't stop looking at MY bouquet... I can't stop listening to our songs...

I can't stop thinking about Mr. Frost and spending the rest of my life with him... I can't wait to be with him everyday... To have his arms around me at night, his smile to be the first thing I see when I wake up...

I can't wait for the rest of our HAPPY DAYS FOREVER...

(aMbUsH101's note: To those who find this virtual public display of affection too cheesy for comfort, I hope you experience the kind of love Mr. Frost and I share so you'll understand where people like me get their guts to do these kinds of things. And when you do, kindly leave a message in my tagboard indicating your blogsite so I can see who's cheesier, you or me.)

FINALLY! Something we BOTH love...
When I showed these pictures of the new ring design to Mr. Frost, he went, "OOOOOH! i loved the metropolitan rings! and i love you :D"

Guess we have a new ring design. Hehehe. I certainly hope this time it's final.

In case we don't find a jeweler here in the Philippines who can do our much-loved titanium rings, I'm gonna ask my aunt or uncle (based in Canada and the US, respectively), who happens to be our ninang and ninong for the wedding, to get the rings for us. I am so excited! So is Mr. Frost! :)

Went to Tita Maribel again this morning to have Taryn's and Agnes' measurements taken. On the way home, Taryn found the exact word I was looking for to describe me and Mr. Frost regarding jewelries: TOO BAROK. Thanks, Taryn!

Papa said he'll help me talk to the Villamor chapel for the arrangements of the wedding. FINALLY! :)

Wasn't able to go the wedding expo today because of tamaditis attack. :) Will go there tomorrow with Mama.

Tagged! Volume 2
Friday, September 02, 2005
Tagged by Edrei...

Seven Things That Scare Me
7.) Unidentified sounds and visuals in dark, creey places

Seven Things I Like The Most
1.) Cotton candy
2.) Candies made for kids 5 years old and below
3.) Computer and console games
4.) Some things inappropriate to be discussed in the presence of minors :)
5.) Marlboro Lights Gold
6.) San Mig Strong Ice
7.) Cherries (the fruit)

Seven Random Facts About Me
1.) I am terrified of lightnings (do I need to stress that out?)
2.) I'm the only girl in a brood of five.
3.) I'm the youngest.
4.) I am addicted to internet and computer games (yes, finally, I have admitted that.)
5.) I am fond of vampires and creatures of darkness.
6.) I don't like make-up.
7.) I am more comfortable with and have more guys friends.

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom
1.) Mattress with lots of pillows
2.) Laptops
3.) Books for Sikei's bedtime stories
4.) Sikei's pillows
5.) Framed picture of Mr. and Mrs. Frost
6.) Comic books on the wall
7.) Comic-based posters

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1.) Marry Keith Morales
2.) Give birth to Christopher Keith and Valerie Lynne
3.) Go skydiving
4.) Go bungee jumping
5.) Buy knee-high leather boots
6.) Have an all-out celebration for Sikei's birthday
7.) The thing Mr. Frost and I like to daydream about ;)

Seven Things I Can Do
1.) Cook a mean pasta
2.) Kick your ass in Def Jamm and Burn Out
3.) Video-marathon of FRIENDS, The Apprentice, Survivor, and other movies the whole weekend
4.) Give Mr. Frost the best *job* he's ever got (hahahahhaha!)
5.) Be one of the guys. Really one of them, except I can't grow a penis :)
6.) Drink 4 shots of tequila straight using Zest-O straw
7.) Tell you the capital of Zimbabwe (hehehhe)

Seven Things I Can’t Do
1.) Live without Mr. Frost and Sikei
2.) Live without seafood (Oooooh, my mouth waters)
3.) Fold my tongue vertically
4.) Wake up early in the morning (Hehehe)
5.) Resist kids
6.) Resist tequila (damn!)
7.) Eat amplaya

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1.) Humor (A must!)
2.) Eyes
3.) Eyebrows
4.) History of delinquency (hehe)
5.) Love for books
6.) Love for music
7.) A gamer :)

Seven Things I Say The Most
1.) Paksyehet!
2.) Kembot!
3.) Ah yeah!
4.) Hmmmmnnn...
5.) Men...
6.) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!
7.) Wahay?????!!

Seven Celeb Crushes (Whether Local or Foreign)
1.) Sean Connery
2.) Samuel L. Jackson
3.) Robert De Niro
4.) Jet Li
5.) Christian Bale
6.) Bono
7.) John Travolta

Seven People You Want To See Take This Quiz
1.) Mr. Frost (This will piss him off. Hehehe)
2.) Roselle
3.) Charie
4.) Jacque
5.) Mec
6.) Janix
7.) Tricia

To my "victims," my apologies for wasting your time. Just do it and spread the bad luck. Heheheheh!