FINALLY! Something we BOTH love...
Saturday, September 03, 2005
When I showed these pictures of the new ring design to Mr. Frost, he went, "OOOOOH! i loved the metropolitan rings! and i love you :D"

Guess we have a new ring design. Hehehe. I certainly hope this time it's final.

In case we don't find a jeweler here in the Philippines who can do our much-loved titanium rings, I'm gonna ask my aunt or uncle (based in Canada and the US, respectively), who happens to be our ninang and ninong for the wedding, to get the rings for us. I am so excited! So is Mr. Frost! :)

Went to Tita Maribel again this morning to have Taryn's and Agnes' measurements taken. On the way home, Taryn found the exact word I was looking for to describe me and Mr. Frost regarding jewelries: TOO BAROK. Thanks, Taryn!

Papa said he'll help me talk to the Villamor chapel for the arrangements of the wedding. FINALLY! :)

Wasn't able to go the wedding expo today because of tamaditis attack. :) Will go there tomorrow with Mama.
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