The Booger
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Funny. Told myself won't be posting today because it was pretty much an uneventful day. But here I am.

As I was spending another loooooooooooong afternoon (till night) here at my brother's internet shop, a situation arouse (or arose - they're both politically correct, believe me) that made me re-assess my definition of friendship.

Just realized that, once I label someone as my friend, no matter what people say, I will stick by that person like a 6-year-old booger under an average elementary school desk.

Well, the person in question at this moment doesn't have an idea that he/she is covered with booger.:) No need to call his/her attention. Someday, when he/she's all gray and wrinkly, he/she will realize that he/she has looked liked somebody who just came out of somebody else's nose all these years. Then he/she will know it was me. :)

It took somebody else's mishap for me to discover how I truly perceive friendship.

Need not reveal my whole philosphy on friendship (the word is starting to get really old in this entry. hehehe.), but this I tell yoU: Friendship does not measure, it just goes on. More like unconditional love. Will not say more less I be tempted to discuss my belief in full details.

And just for the record, I do not - in any way - feel, look, or smell like a booger. It's called metaphor, you moron. There I got you before you got me. :P

Enough said.
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