W@W Grand EB
Monday, August 29, 2005
Had one of the best times of my life last Saturday at the first ever W@W Grand EB!

Got our W@W tags. we won't be able to use the tag because we're pretty much complete with our suppliers, but the tags look so darn good that I gotta have one of those.

I also got myself and Mr. Frost W@W shirts that were so simple yet looked so cool. I love it so much!

Also won a MUGnificent W@W mug. And I won it because of a body part starting with the letter "Y": Y-chromosome! (Thanks, Bryan ni Inch!)

I'll be posting the pictures of my actual tags and goodies soon.

There was also a bag, (two kinds, actually) that said "I've BAGged the perfect partner!" Not just the paper bag kind shown on the pic above ha! As in legit bags na parang pouch or whatever you call them. Basta bag! :) Galing no!

I'm still praying that they make the other W@W merchandises available for purchasing, because I'd really to have one of those bags and the keychain too!

Hay, it's was a very successful event. The games we're fun and the food was great! But still, nothing can compare to the people involved.

I'm truly blessed to be part of this wonderful group. I can never thank Mama Benz and Papa John enough for giving birth to us, W@Wies. You didn't just give us a support group, but new friends to be treasured.

To my non-W@Wie friends who are planning for their wedding, let WeddingsatWork bring more life and fun not only to your wedding preparations, but to your new life as husband and wife as well.

Can't wait for the pictures!
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