The adventure begins...
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
It's been a while since my last post. Nothing much happened, the writer in me just took a vacation. She's probably enjoying it that's why she hasn't come back yet. Thus, the reason behind this crappy entry.

Got reason to post something today, as I was informed my adventure will begin on Monday. I have learned to consider jobs as an adventure. It makes it sound more exciting and interesting, thus making me perform a lot better. IT'S ALL IN THE MIND, MY FRIEND! Bwaharharharhar!

Mr. Frost will be just a room away, EVERY GODDAMN DAY! We'll have lunch and cigarette breaks together everyday, just like we used to back at the wonderful world of mobile industry. The only thing better than that is the fact that I won't be babysitting my brother's computer shop and its bratty customers anymore. Wahehehehe!

Through the efforts of Nocturnal Sun (thanks, fucker. the Goddess is eternally grateful. now where's the Coke you promised? hehehe.), the Goddess has finally got something to do better than surf the net, worrying herself to death of wedding preparations: PLAY AND GETTING PAID FOR IT.

Oh well, that's just wishful thinking. I would be playing, yes, but not to relax or to take my mind off things, like I usually do. I'll be working, damn it. And that gives a different effect as to playing for pleasure.

Dn't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I AM GRATEFUL AND HAPPY. I'm just being my crappy self, looking for something to worry about. You got a problem with that?

Update on our wedding preps? NSO sent an email to Mr. Frost regarding our online request for a copy of his birth certificate. They said the computer can't find his file on their database. They still have to do manual searching for it in their archives of micro-films or whatever our crappy government offices have. It's free of charge (thank God, coz they're the ones who lost it, anyway), but it would take several days more before they can send us the copy. Oh well, you're a Philippine government office, so what's new?

We were planning to go to Taguig City Hall and file our application for marriage license this week. There goes our fucked up sked.


I used the word crappy three times in this post. What does that mean? It means my vocabulary is deteriorating. God, I can't wait to work again and put my brain to corporate torture.
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