Overflowing with love... And nothing to do
Saturday, September 03, 2005
I am overflowing with love for Mr. Frost.

Maybe because I've run out of things to do here on the magical world of cyberspace. Maybe because I haven't seen him in 3 days. Maybe because he's with the guys having a reeeeeeeeeeeaally great time playing video games right at this very minute (can you spell envy?). Maybe because I've been listening non-stop to our songs for 5 hours now. Or maybe because I'm just sooooooooo in love with him.

Whatever the reason is, I've been browsing through my archives and wasn't able to resist the urge to re-post some of my previous entries. Incidentally, most of them are from August 2004 and one is an open letter I posted sometime in February 2005.

No, I am not reposting them. I placed the link here so you can give your little fingers the exercise they need and have a better use than playing with... the remote.

Again, a word of warning to those who are not in the mood to "hear" me profess and read about my undying love for Mr. Frost, do not dare click those links. You've been informed of what to find.

God, I really miss him.
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