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Saturday, July 30, 2005
Went out last night with former officemates-turned-friends. Was disappointted at first because it was only me and Yayi who was there on time. We stayed at Napoli's Timog for more than two hours before somebody else came. Some even cancelled out. But when Mr. Frost and Taryn (who came with Anton, her boyfriend), our spirits lifted up. Neil came a lot later (Napoli's was already closing at 11pm!!! On a payday! On a Friday night!!).

When the Napoli's staff were practically driving us away, we went to Figaro near ABS-CBN and had coffee. Stayed there till 2am. We had so much fun talking we didn't realize it was already late. I was the one who suggested we call it a night because, the most unfortunate little bitch that I am, I still have work the next day (which is today, a Saturday. Continue reading first, pity me later). My meeting isn't until lunchtime but I still have to prepare this document I need to present to the client, that, may I add, I thought was due next week. My boss said so. But when I asked him what documents I need to prepare for the meeting, he mentioned that particular document that I haven't even started yet. Was already panicking.

Was planning to go home to Fort Bonifacio but, thanks to Taryn's suggestion and her constant lambing-making to Anton (ENVY!), I decided to go home with Mr. Frost instead. I really miss him so much and I'm making the most of every opportunity to spend time with him.

Woke up 9am today. Am supposed to be at work at 9am. Very me. Couldn't care less, every minute spent with Mr. Frost was worth being reprimanded by my boss about being late.

Had a loooooooooooong meeting with our client and my boss. Freaked out because I found out just this afternoon that we will be organizing an event that would be held on the last week of August. Was caught off-guard because I only prepared for the TV show project with the same client. Can predict that won't have any time left to spend with Mr. Frost. Makes me wanna say every expletive that I know, of every language.

Realized that the projects I'm handling at work will be taking soooooo much of my time for the next couple of months. Was really excited about it at first, really challenging. But then realized that would mean less or no time at all for Mr. Frost. Realized that another hard time is at hand.

Will be writing an email to Mr. Frost later. I miss sending him emails.

Am getting emotional again. Am sure this is not just PMS. My period started the other day. Must stop. Now.
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