Blooded and Hanging
Thursday, August 04, 2005
Today was a very eventful day.

First off, one of our clients paid a visit and met with me and my boss. To make the long story short and save the uninterested from details that they don't care about, I was able to make the client sign a contract for the grand launch of his website. That project is actually just as an extension of a bigger project, which I also handle. So imagine my surprise when my boss went to my workstation, just seconds after he went out the door with the client, and congratulated me for my first closed account. I didn't understand what he was talking about, until he said, "Mag-blow out ka ha!" Turned out that it was considered a whole new project and is already under my belt when all along I thought it was still part of the bigger one. One good news for Mr. Frost. (Later on, Mr. Frost said that in the world of sales and marketing, I am now considered as "blooded," or someone who just closed his/her first account. In other words, I'm de-virginized. I prefer his first term, kinda more appropriate for my title as the Goddess of Blood and Darkness.)

Then, on my way home, I was at the platform of Santolan-Annapolis MRT station, trying to decide how to carry all the stuff I have with me without looking stupid when my MRT ticket slipped off my hand and landed - you'll never guess where - on the rail tracks. I was red-faced with embarassment when I approached the security guard for assistance. I didn't know if I would be flattered or be insulted when the station supervisor asked me, "Estudyante ka ba?" because I wasn't sure if he asked that because he thought I look young for my age or because he thought I was stupid enough to let my ticket end up on the rail tracks. They didn't make me feel stupid, though. For a bunch of government people, they were surprisingly helpful. The security guard even told jokes. Real funny jokes. One amusing news for Mr. Frost.

And for the most signifact event of the day...

While Mr. Frost and I were having dinner, I sent my father a text message telling him about my first closed account, and being late because I'm having dinner with Mr. Frost. He replied and told me to go straight home after our dinner and to take care. While we were walking to the corner where I'll get a cab, Mr. Frost took his phone from his pocket, checked the caller, and gave the phone to me. Without looking, I answred the call. Guess who?

Papa told me he wanted to talk to Mr. Frost, otherwise he would have called me on MY phone. So I gave the phone to Mr. Frost. Later on, Mr. Frost told me my father was making sure he'll bring me home.

My father never called any person that I'm with just to ask them to bring me home. Especially past boyfriends. Not even my best friend. It's a good sign, actually. Because that means my father is recognizing Mr. Frost's existence.

I want to write about how I feel about Papa's call and how happy Sikei was now that he saw Mr. Frost again, but my brother said we have to go.

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