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Monday, December 17, 2007
In my previous post, I said that I'm not posting my adventures last weekend asI decided to post my adventures last weekend as I "had this feeling that some people might not really care about how my weekend went."

Since when did I care about what people think of what I post in my blog?

Since I started my campaign advocating universal understanding.

Oh well, I decided to post anyway what I wrote so far since I already spent time writing them. And doing so helped me relax and kept my brain from stagnating.

If you find it too boring for you, don't worry. I'm sure I'll have a better, more eventful weekend next time. Just let me indulge in this post.


Saturday, Mr. Frost went to Greenhills with SkyClad to buy his toys. I didn't go with them because I wanted to spend time with Issen. I didn't dare bring the kid to Greenhills this time of the year. Imagine the crowd in a shopping territory during Christmas time. Definitely not for a one-year-old accompanied by his pregnant mom.

We went instead to my aunt's house blessing with my parents. The place was nice and my aunt was overjoyed when she saw Issen. She was even more ecstatic when she found out I'm pregnant again.

Issen fell asleep on the way home so I went to Market! Market! by myself to do some G-cash transactions (Yes, I went ebay shopping again. ). Afterwards, I went around the Fashion Market section of the mall and looked for gifts for my mom and Issen's nanny. I wanted to do my grocery shopping also but decided against it when I realized how hard it would be to get a ride home later that night.

Sure enough, getting a ride home at 7PM was hell. I was tired, hungry, and pregnant, and my feet were killing me, so after 30mins of trying to get a cab, I decided to take the jeep instead. Yes, it's hot and crowded, but at least I'll be sitting already and it would take me home in a few minutes. The line at the jeepney loading area was long but it moved quickly as there were many jeepneys waiting for their turn to bring shoppers tired home.

When I got home, Mr. Frost and SkyClad were already there, checking out their new toys. I'm glad Mr. Frost bought Thor, my all-time favorite Marvel character. Good thing he got the one from Marvel Legends Series 3; we both think it's the best Thor ever.

The actual toy looks way better than this, but thanks to Toymania for the image.

He also got Giant-Man with miniature Ant-Man and Wasp, Professor_X, Vision, Spiderman, and Archangel. Pics to follow.

Sunday, we went to Park Square to buy paint for Mr. Frost's Gun Cannon Gundam. Then we went to SM Makati to do our grocery. Good thing we went early as the crowd started to pour in at around lunchtime.

We got home, had lunch, then Mr. Frost went to camp at his usual corner at the garage to put his Gundam together. Issen was so irresistibly adoring that I played with him right away.

We walked around the garage, out the street, visited a neighbor, back to the street, then went back to the garage and walked some more. I enjoy watching him explore the world around him. It's even more fun when he's trying to run after his Lolo's (grandfather) chickens.

When I got a little tired walking after him, I put him in his bike and we strolled along the streets. That just got me more tired so we went home and I called his nanny to watch him while I take a rest.

I went inside the room, planning to take a nap, but the force of the gifts waiting to be wrapped was too strong. So I wrapped them peacefully (imagine the chaos if Issen was in the same room ). Afterwards, I went inside the room to get a few minutes rest before it's time to put Issen to sleep.

I think the little tyke sensed that it's work day again for Mom and Dada the next day because he styed up until past 11PM. He already knows to make the most of our weekend playtime.

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