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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Got this from Joey...

Thanks so much Doc! Hope to see you again! When's our next party kaya?

The internet is indeed a wonderful thing. Yes, it has enabled me to meet new friends, but much more, it has allowed me to keep in touch with old friends I haven't seen in years.

For that, I'm giving the award to the following:
Roselle - I really miss you so much. Come home soon.
Rica - Wag ka na kaya? Malakas ka mang-asar eh. Uwi ka na lang, punta tayo Binondo.*
Myla - Belated Happy Beerday!

*No English translation for this, Rica is not fond of my campaign for universal understanding.
's thoughts were ambushed at 12:27 PM

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  • At 9:19 AM, Blogger The Becky's ambushed thoughts were:

    nde ko alam kung mata tats ako or what (naks english!), pero dahil dyaannn....magpapa siomao ako. sa Binondo!

    Translated in Inggrishh as:
    Your cheesiness freaks me out, and the last time I checked Im not good with compliments or any sort of positive regard. But then again, you're the mother of my god-son to be...i dont have much choice. So thank you. Here's a 'cat'ered dimsum.