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Monday, December 10, 2007
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In one of the many social network sites sprouting on the web like mushrooms, I wrote online games as one of my interests. Recently, I got a message from a total stranger, asking me what kind of online games I play and what sites I usually play on. He went on and invited me to play at this particular online Casino website.

That got me thinking. It never occurred to me that online games can mean something else other than what I was used too. And they have every right to call online casino as online gaming because, well, they do play games online.

Anyway, I have heard of people disregarding in-real-life games and go crazy over online versions instead. Sports games, board games, console games, and yes, Casino games. Name it, you can find it on the internet. And you won't believe (well, you would if you are an online gambler) how much traffic online casino sites get.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are as much online gamblers as online gamers. (I know, I know, those who play online casinos are technically online gamers too, but for clarity's sake, let's refer to them as online gamblers.) There are so many safe and fun online gambling destinations with a wide range of casino games you can choose from.

It really depends on what gets you going. Casino atmosphere, big bucks, small buy-ins, a wide variety of games and gambling opportunities, good player support for new players, etc. These are just some of the features that makes online gambling appealing to a lot of people nowadays.

Oh well, I guess there really is more to "online gaming" that we give it credit for.

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    hmmm... maybe this is the new type of gaming industry for me to be in. Hehehe. Anyways, thanks for the smorty lead. I registered using your affiliate tab. Will be writing stuff soon.

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