Finally, Issen's birthday kwento
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
This is the long-overdue post about Issen's birthday, although I've posted the pics weeks ago on my Multiply.

I am happy because despite the distance and the Red Alert declaration of the military for the All Saints' Day holidays, all my brothers who aren't living with us (two of which are military officers) were able to come with their families.

Our eldest, Kuya Volt, even had to travel from Legazpi, Albay, where he is assigned as military bank manager. My second oldest brother, Kuya Cocoy, was assigned at Clark Air Base in Pampanga and on his way to our house, he picked up my third brother, Kuya Kris, and his family who were living in another military base, Basa Air Base, Floridablanca, Pampanga. Then they went to Tanza, Cavite in the south to pick up Kuya Volt's family. My last brother, Kuya Jess, came home that afternoon with his family from Batangas, where they paid respect to my SIL's father.

Of course they're not happy. I disturbed their tong-its session. From left, Kuya Volt, Kuya Kris, Papa, and Kuya Cocoy.

Two of Mr. Frost's best friends from high school, his only friends who are not part of our "common friends" circle, came early afternoon and helped us put up the balloons (which we bought from Market! Market! and inflated ourselves) and mini-banners. They're both Issen's godfathers, but only Nhap was able to come to the baptism. This is actually Eric's first time to see our little boy.

Ninong Mark goofing around, Ninong Nhap, Ninong Eric, and the birthday boys

And of course, my beloved former teammates at work were there with our former boss, Mark, who is also Issen's godfather. Mark actually came earlier than the rest because he was bringing the food from the caterer, who was his girlfriend's aunt (Hi Mai!). He brought spaghetti as well, which everybody loved. And Nielsen, one of my teammates, brought yummy ube (purple yam) for dessert. Of course, Ninong Alex has no excuse to miss the party.

From left, standing: Tito Nielsen, Tito Topps, and Tito Gi. Seated: Ninong Alex, Tita Hazel, Tito Julius, Tita Mai, and Ninong Mark

By the way, I love the cake from Goldilocks. Their pricing scheme was kinda misleading, but the cake was really delicious.

The Incredibles birthday cake

I chose this The Incredibles design because it has two figurines on it, Mr. Incredible and Dash. I took Dash away, though, and placed my toy Jack-jack instead to make the figures more appropriate and represent Mr. Frost and Baby Issen. See Dash on the sidelines, on the right side of the pic?

My other relatives came around early evening, as they came from Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes' Resting Place) to visit my late Uncle Julius, my father's only brother. We all had great fun sharing the simple meal we have prepared and we enjoyed each other's company. It's been a while since the last time we all got together.

The funniest thing happened, courtesy of my brother Jess. Issen was already tired and sleepy so I had him cleaned and jammied up. We did the rounds to thank those who came and say goodnight, then his Papa Jess volunteered to bring him to the room. Instead, he brought the birthday boy to his cake. Guess what happened.

The Revenge of Papa Jess

Some officemates weren't able to come because it was the scheduled ingress of our company's biggest event, which will take place that weekend. We just saw each other the next day and they greeted Issen at the event.

I almost forgot, here's our family picture during this happy day.

Surprised birthday baby didn't have time to smile coz he can't wait to go down and walk

Now I owe you a post about the event, where Issen was a celebrity in his own right.

More birthday pics at my Multiply account.

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