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Friday, November 23, 2007
Here's my long-overdue post from Liz's tag.

5 Things Found In My Bag:
- Lots of receipts
- Issen's medicard (I forgot to put it back in my wallet, it's in my bag's side pocket right now.)
- Cologne
- Wallet
- Hair doctor

5 Things Found In My Wallet:
- More receipts
- My medicard
- ATMs
- Loyalty cards (Suki, SM Advantage, Metro Rewards)
- Money (but it won't stay there for long )

5 Things Found In My/Our Room
- Our bed
- Issen's crib
- TV
- Computer
- Toys for my boys (Mr. Frost, Sikei, and Issen )

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do
- Stay at home with the kids
- Put up our family website
- Try a certain kind of hair waxing
- Have a haircut and my nails done
- Buy a Perfect Grade Gundam for Mr. Frost (and myself heheh )

5 Things I’m Currently Into:
- Blogging
- Maintaining my mojo at work (Pregnancy hormones making it hard for to concentrate )
- Reading (Am finally catching up on this)
- Sesame Street Home Videos (I watch it every morning with Issen)
- Rock music (Always have been and always will be. RAKENROL! )

5 People to Tag for This Meme:
- Rica
- Kitty
- Myla
- Toni
- Mai


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