Two Francises
Thursday, November 22, 2007
I was bloghopping and came upon blogs of several Filipino celebrities. (Thanks for the links, Liz! I'll do the tag soon! )

Incidentally, the blogs that made me lose track of time were both owned my musicians. Another coincidence, they're both named Francis.

a Free Mind
I've been a fan of Francis Magalona as far as I can remember. Yes, he looks good, really good, and he makes equally good music and songs, but what I admire the most is his patriotism. It's his image, his whole life. His music and his business (the FrancisM Clothing Co.) proudly proclaim his nationality.

And this guy has been in the industry for how long? Twenty, thirty years? His career may not always have been up in the sky, but all those years, nobody really forgot his name and who he is. I believe it is his song "Mga Kababayan Ko" ("My Fellow Citizens") that engraved his name on the Philippine music industry.

I also believe that he's a good family man. He and his wife Pia have been together for more than twenty years. He is a doting father to 8 kids, and get this, he's an adoring lolo (grandfather) to baby Zoie, child of his eldest daughter Unna.

I'm so glad I stumbled upon his journal. It would be nice to "hear" straight from the FreeMan himself.

A variation of an FMCC man on mic design (the one on Francis' shirt on the photo above), done by international comic artist Whilce Portacio. Courtesy of a Free Mind. I love this design.

In respect to those who have religiously followed The Dawn ever since they started, I am not considering myself a "fan" of the band. I like their music, but I do now know all their songs by heart. I've seen them perform during our Christmas party and at one of our company events, but I've never been to their concerts. I haven't even had the chance to see their movie at Cinemalaya, "Tulad ng Dati" ("Just Like Before").

I may not be considered as a "fan", but I have high respects for the band.

Now this is not the official blog of the band; they have their own site. I believe this is the personal blog of their guitarist, Francis Reyes.

I admire how Francis Reyes expresses his opinions. The man has a way with words. And may I remind everyone that I absolutely love a person with a great sense of humor?

Amusingly, one of his posts made me almost fall from my seat. In "The Sour Stench of Success", he said he decided (in bold letters) "To leave The Dawn." Read the post yourself and fall from your own seat.

Photo of Francis reyes above courtesy of watdat?.

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