Of fancy lights and cotton candy
Thursday, November 22, 2007
I find it fun to know how things are called, especially those that are considered the finer things in life. Like simple yet classic lighting fixtures that give a fancy house or restaurant its elegant ambiance.

I tried to learn more about what these fixtures are called, trying to make myself feel more "cultured" and sophisticated. It sometimes feels good to be in a classy place and being able to tell your friend or companion, "That Murray Feiss really gave this room its Tuscan Villa feel." Or "My boss has this same exact George Kovacs lamp in his office."

Once, a couple of days after browsing through Farreys.com lighting fixtures, I went to the mall with Mr. Frost. I was bored, so when an idea came to my mind, I dragged my reluctant husband to a lighting store. I spotted an young, innocent-looking salesman, walked to him, and asked "I'm looking for something from Hinkley Lighting's Vanderbilt Collection. Do you have any?" I made sure I spoke extra fast.

Both my husband and the salesman looked at me with their jaws dropped. As my "victim" (Mr. Frost calls them that, I wonder why ) tried to recover from shock and stammer an answer, good ol' Mr. Frost apologized to the poor guy and literally dragged me out of the store.

"You are an evil, evil woman, making fun of that poor guy." Mr. Frost said, shaking his head in amusement and disbelief. He added, "And I'll buy you a bucket of cotton candy if you can repeat to me what you asked for from that store."

I went home happy with a bucket of cotton candy and an amused husband, who felt I cheated him, in tow. You see, it really pays to know how some of the finer things in life are called.


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