Portable music, sans the bulky pack
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
It used to be walkmans and cassette tapes. Then came discmans and CDs. Now the "in" things are mp3 players and, well, MP3s.

No more bulky packs hanging on your waists or bags. No more cassette tapes and CD cases to lug around to make sure you won't run out of music to listen at the office or the gym. No more skipping of tracks when jogging in the park or when passing through a bumpy road while in a vehicle.

There so many models available in the market, with features ranging from compact designs, gigabytes of storage space (store up to 600 songs! ), and long battery life. Some even have voice recorders and some even come with speakers.

Don't fret if you can't decide what to buy or what feature suits your lifestyle best. You can check what's the best mp3 player for you on sites like Save Buckets. You can compare different models and make sure that you get what suits your personality, lifestyle, and budget.

Ain't that a cool way to get your money's worth and save buckets of moolah?


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