Having one of those days...
Tuesday, December 04, 2007
This is one of the most depressing days I've ever had.

The wedge of my shoe was broken and it dropped when I got off the cab in front of our office building. So I took off my other shoe and broke its wedge as well to avoid walking awkwardly. And that's my Mentos moment for the day.

I was trying to make a seemingly bad day good by just forgetting about it and taking it in a stride of grace and humor. But SOMEBODY enjoyed rubbing it in my face so much while we were on the elevator that my figurative glass of patience was already half-empty by the time we reached our floor.

And then I wasn't able to get the cheque that I was supposed to get last week but didn't because they put the wrong name on the cheque. I don't understand why they put my maiden name in the cheque when in all the documents accompanying that request, the name indicated is my married name. And until now, they haven't corrected it yet. There are more frustrating details why I need that cheque so much, but I will not disclose them as I have a long-standing principle not to bite the hand that feeds me.

I just feel so "kawawa" (pitiful, beggarly).

Nobody in the office, aside from that SOMEBODY, made fun of my shoes. In fact, nobody noticed until I told them. And telling people (at least those who matter) is one of my ways in dealing with the situation with humor. At least they're laughing with me. I didn't walk around the office in my broken shoes, though. Good thing Spamderella keeps a pair of flat shoes in her drawer. Thanks, fairy godmother, for the golden slippers.

As for that SOMEBODY, I swear to God I will get my revenge. And I'll get it when you least expect it.


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