Another Christmas thought
Thursday, December 06, 2007
My previous post kinda sorta officially put my blog in a Christmas-y theme.

Anyway, Christmas is a family affair, not just here in the Philippines, but for most Filipinos worldwide. Most usually have their family reunions during the holiday seasons. No matter where they are in the world, most Filipinos do everything in their power so they can go home and spend Christmas with their families. And everyone in the family, from stooping grandparents who can't walk anymore to the youngest family members who are just learning to walk, share the Christmas spirit over a delightful feast of a Christmas dinner.

Even if they are not in their home country, most Filipinos, at least those who still acknowledge the roots of their heritage, gather all those related to them, by blood or affinity, and celebrate Christmas as one big happy family. And other cultures, I believe, find that admirable in us Filipinos.

I remember the friend of my aunt who married an American. It is a common practice in the United States, I understand, to bring the elderly to a nursing home once their children cannot take care of them on a daily basis anymore. I have nothing against that, because I understand how different a lifestyle and demanding a career can be in the States.

Anyway, the almost senile father-in-law of my aunt's friend is in a nursing home (the mother-in-law has passed away years ago). On their first Christmas together, my aunt's friend convinced her husband to have the father with them for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The husband agreed, although he was reluctant at first because he knows his Dad can be really crabby when it's cold.

They also invited the two sisters of the husband and their families. The nieces, who used to be afraid of their grandfather, took turns in sitting on the old man's lap and listened to his stories about their moms. The old man was very pleasant the whole time he was there. It was obvious that everyone had fun and experienced Christmas, as well as "family", like never before.

When they brought him back to the nursing home on the morning of Boxing Day, the father-in-law hugged my aunt's friend, literally cried, and thanked my aunt's friend for "the best Christmas gift" he ever received.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I really am proud to be a Filipino.

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