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Thursday, December 06, 2007
Three days ago, Mr. Frost and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

No, we didn't go out on a date like we planned. I encountered some problems with my salary last payday and with the cheque I was supposed to get last week. So we had to adjust our budget and postpone/cancel expenses that we can live without. And the anniversary was one of them.

You see, we're not really fond of "celebrating" anniversaries (even birthdays) even when we were still dating. We acknowledge the day of course, but usually, no biggie. We give small gifts sometimes, but most of the time, we just spend the day together doing something we enjoy the most - playing computer games.

That's actually one of the reasons why I felt so down and depressed a couple of days ago.

It was supposed to be our first time to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We weren't able to do so last year, our first anniversary, because we were still overwhelmed by the presence of then-one-month-old Issen.

I know, we 'weren't that keen on fancy celebrations, but there's something about being pregnant that makes me want to make this day of the year extra special. Even Christmas has an effect on me now, imagine that.

Anyway, the day wasn't a total waste, though. We had one of those (now) rare long conversations about nothing, something we used to do when there was just the two of us. We had lunch with everyone else in the house. We don't eat together often, so that's something. We enjoyed our extra time with Issen, who loves walking so much he gets wild when you try and carry him. (Yeah, he's walking on his own now, I owe you a post about that.)

We spent our anniversary the way we spend every day of our lives: enjoying each other's company and being grateful for the friendship and love that we share. And for us, that's what matters.

It's not that bad after all. Not bad at all.

December 3, 2005
I so love my gown... and my husband, of course.

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