Sikei's vacation
Monday, December 10, 2007
I'm missing Sikei. So much.

Weeks ago, Mr. Frost and I found Animaland at Bonifacio High Street. They sell clothes that fit Sikei so we went in and looked around. We were overjoyed when we found out that they have what they call Animaland Hospital where Sikei's kind can get not just treatment of body imperfections (repairs) but also luxurious pampering and bath (cleaning). We then promised Sikei we'll send him there for a vacation days before Christmas. He has to be home by Christmas, though, or the vacation will have to wait until after New Year's Day.

So we brought him there last weekend and good thing the hospital staff assured us he'll be home by Christmas as the vacation is good for nine (9) days only. That's a lot longer than Sikei's usual 3-day bath camp, but with the extra special care and pampering Sikei will get, we think it's worth it. Besides, this just happens once a year.

Anyway, we weren't able to take a lot of pics while we were checking him in. Sikei was so excited but very nervous about being away from home for 9 nine days that we spent time calming him down and making most of the few minutes we have left instead of taking pictures.

Here's Sikei at the admission desk, too nervous to smile.

Still at the admission desk, with the busy hospital staff at the background.

Animaland, South SuperHighway branch.

I can't wait to see Sikei again. Everything is so different without him - malling, bedtime, mealtimes, cuddletime, IM chats with Daddy. Everything. Even Issen feels his absence.

Can't wait. Missing him so much.

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