It's not just Christmas month...
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Here in the Philippines, December is not just a season of Christmas. It is also considered as the country's wedding month due to the number of couples being married around this time. In fact, I'm one of those December brides. I didn't choose this month to get married because it "is" the wedding month, though, but because it was the most convenient time for us, preparation-wise.

Anyway, I remember going crazy over wedding stuff that I need to attend to. Wedding gowns, caterers, invites, flowers, etc. I wanted every single detail in our wedding to reflect our relationship and personalities. In my opinion, the easiest item to personalize, in terms of the number of items you can use and suppliers that do personalization services, are wedding cakes and favors or give-aways.

I browsed and browsed through the internet for wedding sites, like Truly Wedding Favors, to get more ideas how I can personalize our wedding accessories and paraphernalia.

I was overwhelmed by the ideas I found. People in this industry are truly creative. From candles to bookmarks, from bottle stoppers to flowers, they have all sorts of wedding favors. Truly Wedding Favors even have a category based on the four seasons, which you are nice to use if you have a winter, spring, summer, or fall wedding theme. And they have wedding favors that sell under $1.00! That's really something because most wedding favors I see on the net cost more than that.

Well, planning a wedding can be fun or stressful, but it's definitely exhausting. Yet, with all the help you can get from online wedding shops like Truly Wedding Favors, you can come up with a wedding that reflects the real you.

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