Children's Bedding galore
Monday, December 17, 2007
Mr. Frost and I were talking about the house we're planning to build. Being both gamers, we wanted to have a gaming room, somewhere to house our gaming paraphernalia and toys.

I also thought about the kids' rooms. Aside from the layout, the wall color, the bed, I started picturing the Childrens Bedding. I never really had themed beddings when I was a kid so I'm kinda excited to browse through some designs.

I searched on the internet and found a site that does customization and personalization of bedding designs. It's probably because of my military background that I am fascinated with camouflage and anything military. I like the fighter plane print on a camouflage background. They also have different kinds of pillows and blankets for this design. I think I'll do something with more planes and guns and have them print it. I'll throw in a couple of mechanized warriors and robots too.

Good thing I have little boys. The chances of them liking the theme I have in mind is higher than when I have little girls. :)


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