KITT is back!
Thursday, December 13, 2007
I'm well behind the showbiz news because I just found out that they are doing a movie adaptation of the 1980s NBC television program, Knight Rider! There are rumors that this movie would serve as the pilot to a revived TV series by year 2008.

Apparently, the story has evolved and Michael Knight (played by Baywatch head honcho David Hasslehoff) won't be riding the famous talking car KITT anymore. Instead, KITT's new partner will be Mike Tracer, the son of Michael Knight (played by soap star Justin Bruening).

According to Bruening, the movie is "not a remake, it's a sequel to the original show..." He also said, "You don't mess with the original anything; it's never really as good." I'm starting to like the guy, we think alike.

Anyway, KITT (originally meant Knight Industries Two Thousand) will be undergoing a major makeover, from looks to functions, to keep up with the times. Here he was back in the 80's as a Trans-Am.

For months, rumors have been flying around as to what KITT's new appearance would be. Very recently, they finally unveiled Knight Industries Three Thousand, the new face of Knight Rider...

More pics here.

It's a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR, and I love it! The 1980s Trans-Am is cool, yeah, but the Mustang isn't bad either. I may be biased because I absolutely love muscle cars, but I really think they made a good choice. You can't go wrong with a classic muscle car like a Mustang, anyway.

And of course, they've souped it up good enough to be the ultimate crime-fighting vehicle of the new millennium. the new KITT is equipped with hacking capabilities, efficient weapons systems, and a logical and precise artificial intelligence. And thanks to nanotechnology, it is actually capable of shifting shape and color.

It is reported that NBC made arrangements with Ford Motor Company involving the employment of three (3) card in the series - KITT Hero, KITT Attack, and KITT Remote. Check out the details and features of these three supercars here.

I'll be waiting for new update about this.

*Credit goes to E! Online for this article and to IGN for this article.

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