Christmas shopping and Sikei's homecoming
Monday, December 17, 2007
I had a really exhausting. I kinda hoped I had a couple more days before I have to go back to work.

I actually have already written about six paragraphs describing how my weekend went when I realized it may be uneventful for most people. I dunno, I just had this feeling that some people might not really care about how my weekend went.

Anyway, I'm done with my Christmas shopping. Did half of it at one mall, the other half on one website: Aaaah, the convenience of online shopping. Hehehehe. Oh yeah, I got my gifts for four of my nephews here in the office, so that makes it three places.

What's left to do is finish wrapping them. Done with some of them, but most aren't with me yet. The company merchandise won't be available for distribution until the 20th, while my Ebay loots are still being shipped. I should be able to get them tomorrow or Wednesday.

I had fun wrapping the gifts yesterday. Even though I was dead tired from grocery shopping, I couldn't restrain myself so I went ahead and finished wrapping the ones that were there already.

I got these really nice gift wrappers from Market! Market! It was red with Super Mario design. I still have to buy more, though, because I used up all ten sheets that I bought last Saturday.


We're picking up Sikei tonight!

Apologies for the sudden change of topic.

I'm so excited to see him again!

I called Animaland Bonifacio High Street branch but they said Sikei isn't due for discharge till Thursday. I was surprised because I was told that we can pick him up today.

So I called their main office to inquire and was informed that they're bringing Sikei to the branch today.

I called the branch again at around 7pm and said that they're just waiting for the delivery, but they're sure that Sikei is with that "ambulance" already.

okay, okay. We're leaving now to pick him up. See yah later!


Sikei's home! Yey!

Will post about his homecoming tomorrow so I can include the pics we took on Mr. Frost's phone.

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