London, baby!
Monday, December 24, 2007
I've always been fascinated by anything English. Their accent, their technology, their creativity, their ingenuity, their actors, their sports celebrities, their performers. No matter what you may say, Sean Connery, David Beckham, and the Spice Girls will always have a special place in my heart. :)

Anyway, whenever I hear about friends working or spending vacation at the UK, I always daydream about my own trip there. I've just started familiarizing myself with the must-sees in their top cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

I heard that a trip to London is not complete without stepping on the grounds of the Westminster Abbey, where they crown kings and bury bards. They say the admission charge is kinda steep, but it's well-worth the visit anyway. And then there's Hampton Court, The Houses of Parliament, The River, and many others. And you don't have to worry about hotels in London because no matter how much your budget is, there is someplace for you, from one-star to five-star hotels.

I was told not to go back home, if ever I find myself in Manchester, without walking the Millyard, or visiting the Currier Museum, and the Amoskeag Falls. Also, there are lots to choose from hotels in Manchester for your stay in the city. You can stay in a place as simple and cheap as GBP 30.00 to a pricey but luxurious GBP 123.00.

A posh living room in Blue Rainbow Apartments in Manchester (left) and a fancy room in Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC in Birmingham.

In Birmingham, it's a must to go visit the Birmingham Cathedral Tyseley Locomotive Works Visitor Centre, Stratford Butterfly, and of course, the chocolate lover's heaven, the Cadbury World. Hotels in Birmingham cost around GBP 35.00 to GBP 130.00.

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