It's the kids' turn to party
Saturday, December 22, 2007
Our company held a Family Day-slash-Kids' Christmas Party yesterday, December 21.

The party started at 3pm, but we were late because we still had to go to the doctor to check up on Issen's cough. We missed the mascot's dance number and most of the kids' activities (that Issen can't join yet anyway), but there was still food and cotton candy (yey for Mommy! hehehe!).

Anyway, here are some pics taken with my new toy. Two things: One, I'm still trying to get the feel of the camera settings so some shots are crappy and not good enough for posting. And two, I wasn't able to take much pictures because I was busy eating. There's free cotton candy so give me a break!

All you see are grownups but I swear, there are more kids in that room!

With Pooh, Issen, and my cotton candy

Playing with a lost pink balloon by the standee of Daddy and Mommy's favorite game

Four more pictures here.

I promise I'll get better and get more pictures next time.

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