Another Christmas gift
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
As I mentioned in my previous post, Mr. Frost is getting me a digital camera "VERY VERY SOON!" And it was that soon, really, because he got me this baby just a few hours after that post.

It's a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S700. (Click on the link to read the features and see more photos.) I'm sooooo loving it! It's not that fancy and its simple features are perfect for my simple casual photography needs.

and I'm proud to say that we got it with a very nice deal. Originally, the unit alone costs around Php13,000 (a little over US$300), but because Sony has a Christmas promo, we got it for only Php10,000 (about US$240). And since we paid for it in cash (thank you, Christmas bonus! ), we were given coupons that allowed us to get 2GB memory stick and rechargeable batteries (worth over Php4000 or almost US$100) FOR FREE! Do the math and you'll agree with me when I say we got a really nice deal.

Anyway, I'm no gadget expert so I'm still feeling my way through the camera. I took a couple of shots of Sikei in his homecoming basket from Animaland, and here they are.

I did mention that I'm still trying to get the feel of my new toy, right?

You've got a very happy baby here, Mr. Frost. Thanks so much, Daddy!
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