Wednesday, December 19, 2007
I so love taking pictures of anything that I find interesting. We don't have a digicam yet (but Mr. Frost is getting me one VERY VERY SOON! Yey!), so we use Mr. Frost's camera phone most of the time. And that's why I lag behind sometimes in posting some blog-worthy events, because I wait to get the pictures from Mr. Frost's laptop so I can post them as well. Let's not go to why I can't get them right away. :)

I also like tinkering with images for friends and family. Recently, I just posted the designs I did as gifts for family and friends. Also, recently, I discovered a new way of tinkering with photos.

The Bubblenator is a simple web application that allows you to put speech bubbles on your photos. Just upload your photo in any image hosting site you want, then put the image's link location at The Bubblenator site, and follow the next steps, and voila! You got yourself a "talking" photo!

And since our circle of friends are fond of putting captions to our photos, I find those speech and thought balloons very useful. They would make our photos more fun and interesting. It would be nice if they could add more types of speech and thought balloons, but it's okay. I'm already having so much fun making our photos talk with what they have now.

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