Weekend backtrack
Monday, December 24, 2007
Another exhausting yet fun weekend for me.

Saturday, Mr. Frost and I were supposed to go to the monthly meeting of breastfeeding support group La Leche League International - Philippines, but since Issen still has cough and colds, we decided to just stay with him instead. I'll attend the next one, Abbie, promise!

I finished wrapping the gifts and rested. I needed to get some sleep but I wasn't able to take a nap because Issen goes berserk whenever he sees me and I can't resist playing with him.

Sunday, Ate Jessa (Issen's nanny) took a day off so Issen has me all day. I was still sleepy when Ate Jessa has to leave at around mid-morning, but I had no choice but get up and attend to Issen, who, by that time, was all bathed up and ready for his morning nap. Alas, the kid didn't want to sleep even after watching his routinary Sesame Street video. Funny because my mom says he always falls asleep after one video. We already watched two, yet he's still up and about. Mr. Frost says he's making the most of our "bonding" time. I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, around lunchtime, when my energy picked up and I finally gave up trying to put him to sleep, he just picked up his feeding bottle, lied down on the bed, and closed his eyes. A few minutes later he was asleep. No videos, no ceremonies, no sign whatsoever of what he's gonna do, he just went right ahead and slept. He went from to in a snap of a finger. Not a hint of warning, even just a single .

He woke up about an hour later, while Mr. Frost and I were having late lunch with SkyClad and girlfriend Crystal. Then I spent the whole afternoon walking after him, making sure he doesn't put in his mouth whatever he picks up in the garage. Then I put him in his bike and we strolled around the neighborhood. I was tired, but I had no time to feel so because I was having too much fun with him. And I know he's having fun too. He had this contented smile on his face that we only see when we spend long quality time with him.

Here are some pics I took last weekend. More pics here.

This is called "gassing up" your bike. Hehehe.

From his upcoming movie, "Batang Gusgusin" (Dirty Kid)

A few more hours and it's Christmas already! Gift-opening time! Yeah!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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