Issen's "dream"
Sunday, January 13, 2008
Last night, I had one of the weirdest, yet pleasant, experiences in my life.

For the past several days, it's so hard for us to put Issen to sleep at around 9pm as the holidays messed up his sleeping routine (Read details here). Last night, we finished his "goodnight" video around 930pm, so I turned off the lights and I braced myself for another possibly hour-long battle of authority with the little tyke.

Surprisingly, I didn't encounter any resistance. As soon as the lights went out, Issen voluntarily lied down and had his milk. In about 5 minutes, his eyes are closed and he was lying still already. Usually, it takes about 45 minutes of imposing "No more playing, it's sleeping time already" authority before we reach that stage. I was lying beside him, delighting in Issen's habit of caressing my face while still not believing how quickly he slept.

Suddenly, he took of the bottle from his mouth, eyes still closed, and reached for something in front (or above) us, then said, "Ma-mi ba". He put the bottle back to his mouth and his hand to my face right after saying those words, as if nothing happened, all along his eyes kept closed.

I swear I had goose bumps all over when I heard what Issen said. The first thing that came to my mind was Mommy Val, Mr. Frost's late mother. I was stunned for about 5 rounds. I quickly sent an SMS to Mr. Frost about what happened (he was working out in the garage).

After a few minutes, as soon as I recovered from the initial shock, I concluded that Mommy Val was probably saying goodnight to Issen in his dreams. I began to think (wishfully) that she was indeed with us at that moment. I even went further into thinking that she was the one responsible for Issen's "submissive" attitude when I was putting him to sleep, that she helped me put him to sleep.

I said a silent prayer, then thanked Mommy Val for making her presence felt by Issen. At least that's what I'd like to think about what happened.

Oh the things I'd do for a chance to meet her.

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