EXHIBIT 001 - Cool Kids' Shirts
Saturday, January 12, 2008
Okay, I'm changing the general description of items categorized under AMBUSHED IMAGES. Aside from generally wholesome funny images, I will also be posting any picture that I find amusing and interesting. The last word is a bit vague, as my interests can be as varied as anything under the sun. Let's just find out what those things are when I post 'em, shall we?

I will also include websites that appealed to me mainly because they carry a whole lot of "interesting" things with images.

Like Cafepress.com. This site is known for selling shirts and other novelty products with customized prints. Very interesting prints, may I add. I've been browsing through their line of Kids' Shirts and these are my absolute favorites.

Ah yeah! Start 'em young with rock n' roll!
"AB/CD For Those About To Talk"

A must-have for gamers' kids!
"Level 1 Human"

*Note: Designs are also available in infant rompers.

I would have impulsively bought those shirts, and several more, for Issen but the only mode of payment is credit card, and my card is not available yet. Well, good thing too, because if they were accepting Paypal, all my credits would have been spent way before I finish this post.

Guess I'll just have to wait till my card becomes available. Oh well.


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