Can YOU be stolen?
Friday, January 11, 2008
Internet, as I've always said, has made life easier for many individuals. It has created a lot of opportunities - business, job, social interaction, even romance - for millions. However, these advantages have their corresponding disadvantages or risks.

A lot of online transactions require you to input some personal information that, when the site is not secure, may be stolen by hackers and phishers. Your identity is put to risk. And identity theft is not only rampant online, but offline as well. Some of us often ignore documents that contain important and sensitive personal information and just leave them lying around for everyone to see.

Identity theft has been among the top crimes in the world now. When your identity is compromised, criminals can have access to your bank accounts and withdraw funds without your knowledge. They can even use advanced technology to make purchases using your credit card, leaving with a huge bill to settle.

Take's Identity Theft quiz and find out how protected are you against these identity thieves. And if you find that you could easily be a victim of these criminals highly-advanced means to steal from you, then don't hesitate and take advantage of's promo.

The LifeLock promotion code will enable you to protect yourself from identity theft in the most affordable package. Aside from credit reports, automatic fraud alerts, and alert renewals, you'll get a $1,000,000 service guarantee and legal assistance to recover stolen identities.


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