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Friday, January 11, 2008
I've added a new section in my blog. If you will look at the right sidebar, you will now see ROOMS on top of Sponsors. Listed there are the quick links I've provided to what I'm anticipating to be the frequently accessed topics in my blog. There are three right now, AMBUSHED IMAGES, SIDELINE, and EMAIL ME.

As I've mentioned in my post the other day, I'll be adding a new category in my blog: AMBUSHED IMAGES. This category will include all images that I find funny. Some will coming from my own stash at my hard drive, downloaded and/or saved from way back when, so I might not be able to acknowledge the source. Those that I have acquired or found recently will, of course, be given due credit. I will be accepting submissions, too, so if you have images there (wholesome, as much as possible, please) that you want to share, shoot me a message and we'll feature it here for everyone's pleasure.

The second "room", SIDELINE, is for my fellow bloggers who wish to look at my paid posts. When I'm doing a blog advertisement, I sometimes find it helpful to check how other bloggers did their post on the same topic. This gives me an idea on what angle I can use to complete my post. I don't copy their posts, mind you, and I certainly hope others won't copy mine. I just get more ideas on when I read others' work. Much like when I'm surfing the net when I'm doing layout designs. Okay, that another story, and I'm not ready to disclose that yet. Anyway, I'm hoping I can help other bloggers do their paid posts by providing them a link to all of my completed posts.

I don't think I need to explain the purpose of the third room, EMAIL ME, but just to be idiot-proof, I'll describe briefly. I mentioned that I am welcoming submissions/contributions for my AMBUSHED IMAGES section. If you have something we can laugh at, then click the link and it will prompt your email client to open a "compose message" with my email address at the "To:" field. Same thing goes for just about anyone who wish to send me messages that won't be read by anyone else. Savvy?

I'll be adding more "rooms" in the future, but for now, these three will do.

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