The holidays aftermath
Friday, January 04, 2008
I can't believe the holidays are over.

I had fun catching up some sleep and of course, spending more time with Issen. It was great to be with my brothers again. I kinda miss how much fun we have every time our family gets together. It was also a blast spending time with Mr. Frost's sisters, especially Ate Jenny whom we seldom see because she lives with her family at the north end of the country.

I also feel good for Mr. Frost. He seldom gives gifts to his sisters, nephew, and niece due to budget constraints, but this year, we were able to buy them their requests. They all loved our gifts, especially Jewel, who's been bugging Mr. Frost to get her a DVD player.

If there's one thing that I don't like about the holidays, it's how it wreaked havoc to Issen's body clock. Seriously, it's driving me crazy.

He used to serve as our alarm clock and wake up at around 7AM. We'll play for a few minutes on the bed then Mr. Frost will go and prepare breakfast. I'd bring Issen to the garage for his morning walking exercise and when breakfast's ready, we'll go in eat with Dada. After breakfast, he'll go back outside to play some more, this time with the sitter, while Mr. Frost and I prepare for work. Issen usually is ready for his morning TV time and nap (after taking a bath) by the time we leave for work. When we get home at around 8-9PM, Issen is either getting ready to sleep or asleep already. That gives me time to rest from a long day at work and be ready for his nighttime feedings.

During the holidays, though, Issen's almost perfect routine (at least for us) was ruined. And it still hasn't gone back to how it was before. He now wakes up at past 8AM. We still play with him but we have to rush lest we get late for work. He'd take a nap from 11AM till 1PM, sometimes until later. He'd play the whole afternoon and sleep at 7PM, only to wake up before 9PM. Then, when we come home from work at night, he's still wide awake and won't sleep until almost midnight.

That leaves me dead tired and lacking in sleep. As if I don't already lack sleep as it is. Come morning I find myself wanting to stay in bed all day. I certainly hope this is just a phase that we'll get over soon. Either we be able to adjust or Issen goes back to his more sane sleeping routine. For everybody's good, that is.

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